How can I tell if the shoes I'm returning can be sold as new and will be accepted for return or exchange?

At this point, we are only able to return or exchange shoes that can be sold as new. Any shoes that cannot be sold as new, cannot be returned or exchanged.

Our warehouse has developed a process for inspecting shoes to determine if they can be sold as new. If there's any signs of wear, including residue from dirt, grass, oil, etc or if the rubber outsole texture is worn (particularly in the heel strike area), then the shoes cannot be returned or exchanged.

Generally speaking, if the shoes have been worn outdoors, they probably can't be sold as new and are no longer able to be returned or exchanged.  

The best recommendation we can make is when you receive your shoes, confirm the shoe for correct sizing and style preference on a clean surface to determine if they will work for you.

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