The Most Comfortable Work Shoes for Men

You are a hard working man. Time to let your shoes work hard with you. Give your feet the support and protection they need to stay healthy and comfortable all day long, and time will fly as you focus on getting your work done.

When you work long hours and spend most of that time on your feet, constantly walking and standing on hard, flat surfaces can create problems for your foot health. This problem is made worse since most work shoes are just as flat inside.

What if there was a shoe that could help improve your whole-body health, starting with your feet? Imagine a shoe that custom molded to your feet to give you ultimate support and shock absorption to help you stay comfortable. How much better could you focus on your work? You would be more confident and get more done while feeling great and energetic.

KURU work shoes for men give you the benefit of a patented design that forms to your feet as you move throughout the day. For long hours at work, the unrivaled cushioning and premium support of KURU shoes provides all-day energy to get the job done.

Work All Day Technology for Men

KURUSOLE technology is the best way to give your feet proper support from heel to toe. Get the best comfort possible throughout your workday with work shoes for men from KURU.

The amazing KURUSOLE orthotic with Ultimate Insoles gives you unsurpassed support that lets you feel comfortable all day long. The KURUSOLE includes space-age foams for perfect arch support. While a deep heel cup is designed to flex inward to hug your fat pad and keep it below your heel where it belongs.

This means KURU works with your body’s natural design for maximum health and comfort to help you feel good.

Built on a foot shaped last, KURU shoes provide an incredibly natural fit that is simply more healthy for your body. To top it off, heat sensitive foams in the footbed use your body heat to custom mold to your individual foot shape. This gives you a custom fit with support created just for you.

KURU Shoes can help you focus on your job so you get more done. Experience happiness with a new pair of work shoes for men from KURU.

Choose to feel good.

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Why others love KURU

Very comfortable and stylish shoes. I highly recommend these shoes."

~ Michael

I am a CNA and work with brain injury clients and constantly on the go. Foot pain cannot interfere with my work, your shoes have solved this problem for me. They are wonderful. I have recommended these shoes to coworkers. They are wonderful!”

~ Pat

The product satisfied my particular needs and exceeded my expectations. No BS, just quality product. Simple!”

~ Kent

What makes KURU better

Your feet are the foundation of your body. If you want to reduce or eliminate many of the complications that start at your feet, properly supporting this foundation is critical.

The breakthrough KURUSOLE orthotic technology gives you a shoe that molds to your individual foot shape. Like a finely tailored suit for your feet, KURU cushions your in all the right places for unprecedented results.

By adapting to nature, KURU shoes are a versatile and proven way to get you back to the life and activities you love. Support your foundation−naturally.

Go Open. Life.

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