The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

Spending long hours on your feet each day takes a toll on your feet. The many hard, rough surfaces we walk on do little for our feet, and can even lead to foot pain or recurring conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Even worse, so many of the walking shoes we wear are simply flat inside. When you spend extensive amounts of time walking, you need a shoe that creates more cushioning and support for the entire foot.

The best walking shoes give you the comfort and support needed in the arch and heel as you move. A slightly rockered heel that promotes a neutral walking gait will lead to a better heel to toes strike in each step.

KURU's most comfortable walking shoes are the most anatomically correct walking shoes. Each shoe is designed with an orthotic footbed to give you the natural shape and comfort needed to maximize your every movement.

Superior Design.

KURU Shoes
A Simple, Healthier Walking Shoe Technology

The innovative HEELKRADL™ dynamically cups the heel with each strike to better absorb shock. This design works with the natural cushioning of the heel fat pad and makes for a healthier step by properly aligning your foot as you walk.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

So many shoes try to compensate for being flat by adding foam and spring hardware to the footbed for cushioning. KURU walking shoes are different.

Our patented KURUSOLE™ midsole technology is built around the natural shape of your foot. This means a more comfortable fit and increased support in your arch and heel. For the best walking shoes, you can’t get any better.

With KURU you get the benefit of power walking shoes with the support and comfort of a custom orthotic footbed. That’s shoe technology you can get excited about.

Ready for Amazing.

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☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars. great shoes - the new kuru quantum in my opinion is the best walking shoe made ,they are so comfortable it's like walking on a cloud.

~robert breska

Best walking shoes ever! Like many reviewers, I have/had heel pain. I didn't realize how bad it was until I started having balance issues and hip pain. I stumbled onto KURU shoes and figured I would give them a shot (they are a lot less expensive than doctors and medical procedures!). I'm on my feet all day at work and I walk my dog twice a day, so I definitely need support. I figured I would start by ordering the Quantum shoes for walking the dog. The first couple of days I was very skeptical, but by the end of the week I found that my heels stopped hurting and I didn't have hip pain. The balance problem was gone. It was a joy to put them on when I got home from work and walking the dog was actually fun again. They are truly the most comfortable shoes I own now. I'm a believer! I've already ordered two other styles and look forward to future purchases!


By far the best shoe I have tried for Plantar Fasciitis. After recovering from a year long bout with plantar fasciitis, I was determined to find the best shoe and orthotic insert to prevent a re-ocurrence of the condition. After trying several different brands,... I still wasn't sure that there wasn't something better out there, that's when I tried the [KURU] Quantum. Once I tried them on a 5 mile walk I was convinced that I had found the perfect walking shoe for Plantar Fasciitis.

~Charles Hufford

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