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Your performance on the trail has a lot to do with the shoes on your feet. Too many trail running shoes aren’t built for the foot like they should be. When you’re logging many hours and many miles on the trail, you need a shoe that does more than just absorb shock.

Unfortunately, many trail running shoes have a flat insole that can’t give you the level of support and comfort needed to take on that rugged terrain day in, day out.

When you’re putting enormous pressure on your feet, foot pain is almost inevitable at some point. There’s no reason to increase that likelihood by wearing poorly supported footwear as you run.

For a renewed trail running experience, KURU has created a trail running shoe that supports your entire foot with an orthotic footbed for a more natural, on the foot feel as you run. With this custom design, you get a higher performance shoe that actually helps your feet.

KURU Shoes
Custom Technology in Trail Running Shoes

The amazing KURUSOLE™ technology features a dynamic midsole that flexes with your feet and provides more cushioning and support for the arch and heel. The HEELKRADL™ cups your heel to better absorb shock and center your foot for proper heel to toe strikes.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

KURU trail running shoes are the most anatomically correct shoes available. Imagine a trail running shoe that actually adapts to your foot as you move. This incredible technology makes for a higher performance trail running shoe.

When you’re performing hard on the trails, you don’t want to worry about how your shoes are fitting or how uncomfortable your feet are. Run with confidence in better trail running shoes.

With KURU you also get incredible versatility and durability so you can run the roughest trails and head out to lunch with friends when you’re done - all in the same functional trail running shoes.

Higher Performance.

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Heel Pain Gone - For a previous 5K race I bought some running shoes at a local retail store. After that race I had a serious heel issue to the point I thought I was going to have a permanent limp. After a couple doctors' visits and some new orthotics I was finally ok in August. I ordered a pair of the [KURU] running shoes. I broke them in and got used to them and ran my latest 5K race this past weekend which was a trail run. The cushioning of the heel area of this shoe is really different. There is more pressure on the outside of the foot rather than the heel even if you are a heel striker like I am. I felt great the day after and today it is like I didn't even run a 5K. I signed up for another 5K that is less than a month away. It is great to be able to run again at 66. Great shoes. They made a believer out of me.


Surprisingly rugged, comfy, stylish! I've been wearing my [KURUs] now nearly every day for the past year. I'm an avid rock climber and these shoes have run the gamut of climbing, hiking, and trail running. They've been with me up Yosemite approaches and down rocky/sandy descents. They've trudged through winter slush/snow in the Midwest, up and down sandy trails in Utah's desert, hiked / climbed in the high Sierras, mucked through muddy Hawaiian Volcano trails, and ran like mad 2 miles down the rocky creek bed trails to get back to the car before we got ticketed at Red Rocks. The [KURUs] have managed these adventures with style, ease, and *most* of all, comfort. All in all, Kurus rock. Get some; have fun.

Excellent - I was skepitcal. I do alot of 5K running and developed heel pain and tried EVERYTHING. I have all sorts of running, walking and trail shoes and inserts like Good Feet that cost 600+ but this shoe works. I do not use the expensive inserts anymore and have ZERO walking pain. These really do work and I don't endorse anything that isn't what they say it is. Beleive me, I have tried everhting and this is the only thing that works.

~Dick L.

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