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Orthopedic Shoes with Total Comfort. Kuru shoes offer not only superior comfort, but also powerful support to your whole foot.

If you wear a pair of orthopedic quality shoes you expect tons of comfort, but in many shoes this comfort doesn’t hold up to your daily needs. Often shoes sold as orthopedic can’t keep up with your day to day activity, and sometimes they simply lose valuable support due to poor construction.

Long hours spent on your feet on hard surfaces can not only strain the feet little by little, but can contribute to long term foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. Of course, we typically can’t avoid moving around on these surfaces, so more supportive shoes are often the best remedy.

Wearing shoes with proven orthopedic support can help reduce everyday foot pain and prevent more serious foot problems. Imagine walking, running, or standing on any surface without being limited by nagging foot pain.

KURU orthopedic shoes are unlike other orthopedic shoes. With an anatomical midsole that molds to your unique foot shape for a more natural supportive fit, KURU shoes offer more, robust support than other orthopedic shoes.

KURU Shoes
Superior Technology

By working with nature, KURUSOLE™ has a unique cupping motion that hugs your heels while keeping your feet's natural fat pads where they belong. This means KURU shoes help your feet absorb shock, giving you protection the way nature intended.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

The powerful, patented KURUSOLE™ was designed with some of the brightest minds in medicine, science and footwear. Designed to adapt to the natural contours of your feet, our HEELHUGR™ technology cups your natural fat pads. This gives you superior impact absorbing power and cushioning the natural way.

To top it off, our next generation ULTIMATE INSOLES™ use heat-sensitive foams that react to your body heat to mold to your unique foot shapes. This promises you a customized, more natural fit.

These amazingly simple, yet revolutionary technologies combine to help your body absorb impacts unlike anything else.


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"This is currently the only shoe I can wear as I teach on concrete floors 8 hours a day. Four months of physical therapy didn't do what these shoes have. Furthermore, my teenaged students tell me they look good. I don't feel like I am wearing ugly orthopedic shoes!


I just got these shoes and they are great!! They are very comfortable as they provide the necessary support for my foot...Very good and I would recommend to anyone.


These shoes let me dress for any day without ever thinking of my feet. Before KURU I often had to pack a change of shoe to shift the pressures in an attempt to avoid pain. Not only does the leather look dressy, it still provides the reliable comfort of my other KURU shoes!


KURU: The Most Supportive Orthopedic Shoe
Better Technology

The key to more comfort and support in a shoe is in the footbed.

KURU has built the most comfortable shoes by providing multi-density support in the arch, forefoot, and heel with a medical-grade orthotic built into the midsole.

This feature gives you the benefit of total arch support, natural flexibility in the forefoot, and a remarkable HEELKRADL™ that cups your heel to absorb shock.

An Empowered Life

With KURU you worry less about foot pain and can focus on the activities you love.

Our customers agree that KURU provides the orthopedic comfort and support you need in a shoe with the style and versatility you want.

According to one customer, “I have been suffering for over a year with plantar fasciitis. I have tried many inserts and shoes, but with no relief. I ordered the Kuru shoes a month ago and they have been the best shoes I have ever worn."

Powerful Results

KURU shoes have the amazing comfort and tremendous versatility that customers demand in a shoe.

Perfect for a day in the office, working in the garden, or hiking a rugged trail, KURU orthopedic shoes are multi-functional for your busy life and beat out competitors in every level of orthotic comfort and support.

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