Eliminate foot pain Eliminate foot pain

Supportive shoes for flat feet

“KURU Shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! I have alot of foot problems. Flat footed and my feet overpronate badly. I also had a torn achilles tendon the doctor took an x ray and said it was in the process of healing. I can't believe the relief these shoes have given me! These shoes are the best. I will never own any other brand shoes now that I have found KURU!”

~ Tess_64

Custom support for your foot arch

Flat feet can be genetic or the result of trauma like an injury or repeated stress, and the condition can be painful and bad for your posture. If your entire sole touches the floor when you stand, you likely have flat feet.

Flat feet can cause pain directly as well as lead to overpronation or problems with your hips, knees and other joints. Flat feet are not always painful, but for folks experiencing pain, a supportive shoe can save the day.

The correct level of arch support depends on the shape of your feet, but custom inserts are often expensive and clunky. That’s why every KURU shoe includes our ULTIMATE INSOLES, which provide a stable, comfortable foundation. Even better, they use space-age materials that mold to the unique shape of your foot over time! Add in the cushion you get with KURUCLOUD and the unbeatable heel support of KURUSOLE, and the result is more than a shoe—it’s a KURU.

“I decided to try this brand because of my flat feet and regular foot pain and am so glad I did! They are cute as well as comfortable. I exercise and walk in them daily without any issue. I like the built in tongue and cushiony sole.”

~ DanaS

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much arch support my flat feet need?

Arch support depends on the shape of your feet, and whether your flat feet are rigid or flexible. Either way, our ULTIMATE INSOLES can help you find a flawless fit, as the materials mold to your foot shape as you break them in.

What if the shoes don’t fit?

We offer free returns and exchanges for 45 days on all orders in the domestic United States, plus fast flat-rate shipping to Canada.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free on all orders in the domestic United States, with competitive rates for international orders.

Can I pay over time?

KURU partners with Sezzle, so you can enjoy your shoes now but split the purchase into four interest-free payments over six weeks.

What makes KURU different?

We build unparalleled support and cushion into each pair of shoes, including our patented KURUSOLE. We use premium materials and cutting edge technology to reduce pain, improve stability and help your body heal.

Founder's Note

If you’re one of the nearly 80 percent of Americans who will deal with foot pain at some point in life, you know how much it can hold you back. Expensive custom orthotics or clumsy aftermarket inserts may help a little, but imagine a shoe built from the ground up to eliminate pain and unleash the joy of movement. How would it feel to experience dynamic cushioning, unparalleled comfort and superior support with every step? KURU is on a mission to eliminate foot pain all over the world, and that passion lives in everything we do from production to customer service. I’ve received hundreds of messages from customers since I founded KURU in 2008, and I love hearing the ways our technology has helped them stay on their feet and keep doing the things they love. I can’t wait for you to experience Pain Relief Beyond Belief for yourself!

Bret Rasmussen
CEO & Founder of KURU