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So many suede shoes are ordinary. Finding a shoe that stands out among the standard, plain, flat suede shoes can be hard. Even harder is coming across a shoe that isn’t just stylish, but also actually helps everyday movement.

When you need a suede shoe that is aesthetically pleasing as well as totally comfortable and supportive, KURU is your shoe. The incredible midsole design gives you more natural support in the arch, heel, and forefoot. What’s more, the incredible HEELKRADL™ technology actually cups your heel for more comfort than any other suede shoe.

KURU shoes give you total orthopedic comfort and support while preserving a stylish aesthetic perfect for any application. These suede shoes are ideal for a light trail hike, a day at the office, or an afternoon working in the yard.

KURU Shoes
Amazing Underfoot Technology

The patented KURUSOLE™ technology adapts to the shape of your unique foot for a custom fit that you won’t find in any other suede shoes.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

You’ve never had a suede shoe like KURU. The underfoot feel of a shoe that dynamically forms to your individual foot is a sensation like no other. Every KURU shoe is made with a custom orthotic insole built into the footbed, so you get complete comfort and support by design.

Think of the benefits in having the elegant style of a classic suede shoe with the support and comfort of an orthotic shoe.

With KURU you get it all!

Imagine the possibilities of wearing a suede shoe that adapts to your foot with the multifunctionality to handle trail, travel, and town. KURU empowers you to get back to the activities you love and do more.

Ready for Amazing.

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All day comfort in Chicane moss green suede - I have worn my Chicane hiking shoes for several weeks now and find the arch support and overall comfort to be superior. Compared to light or medium duty hiking boots, they are lighter weight and more convenient to lace and unlace. The ergonomic tongue and lace design applies tension to where it's needed for arch support and I find the shoe wearable all day. During a recent street fair I walked around in them on asphalt with comfort all day and experienced no tongue shifting nor sock bunching. Kudos for the innovative design and USA pedigree.

~Tom C.

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars. I purchased the black suede Chicanes 11 months ago. ...they have really helped relieve the pain in my feet. I have wide feet and these shoes give me the "wiggle room" I need. The padding on the bottom is nice,with arch support, and I was able to wear them all day right out of the box


Kuru are the only shoes I wear! I work in an office where casual attire and these shoes are permitted and my co-workers thought they were cute. The Chicane was still my favorite so I then ordered another pair of them in the black suede. Those are beautiful and I've gotten many compliments on them. I plan to add 2 more pairs of Kurus to my wardrobe this spring bringing my total to 5 in only a year. There are no other shoes like them and I wouldn't be without them anymore. I spent so much money on other shoes trying to find a good pair, that I could have had many MORE Kurus by now -- If you are doing the same, do yourself a favor and save your money and just buy ONE pair of these (I recommend to start with Chicanes). You won't regret it.


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