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They are an American classic - sneakers. Everyone loves them. They are casual, easy to wear, and look great with almost everything. Unfortunately, most sneakers are completely flat inside. This means they quickly degrade and can cause damage to your feet, especially as you age.

Imagine a classic sneaker that molded itself to your foot. Imagine sneakers with an orthotic embedded in the footbed for amazing comfort and support. How much better would your feet feel to slip into sneakers that hugged your feet in pure bliss?

KURU sneakers have set the new benchmark. Built with our revolutionary KURUSOLE™ technology, KURU sneakers use space-age materials with advanced technology to not only mold, but also dynamically adapt to your feet as you move.

Fewer injuries and more contentment. It’s possible with KURU sneakers.

Happier feet.

KURU Shoes
Orthotic Technology for Sneakers

KURU sneakers with adaptive technology are the world’s most comfortable shoes for everyday living.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

KURUs are different from other sneakers. Most sneakers offer flat insoles with little to no support. KURUs are the most anatomically correct sneakers, because they flex to the contours of your own, unique foot. The perfectly shaped heel cup moves inwardly with each step to cup your heel.

This helps keep the natural shock-absorbing fat pad under your heel. What you get is comfort and protection from foot pain.

This superior, dynamically flexing heel cup is proven to be more natural and healthy, because it keeps the heel fat pad below your heel.


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These are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn. Like walking on a cloud!!!

~Laurie S., Mass

COMFY!!!! These are the BEST sneakers EVER!!! I just went back to work after a 2 year hiatus. I've always had problems with my feet but going back to work after all that time was a killer! I bought these sneakers and it's the most comftable I've been in years at a job....walking standing they are a MUST have!!!


These shoes are better than my podiatrist!! I had low expectations. My feet hurt so much, I changed shoes (athletic shoes) 5 x daily. I had plantar fasciitis, Mortons neuroma, and the start of hammer toes!! Just walking for pleasure was out of the question! I tried all kinds of hacks! I saw a podiatrist, and then a foot orthopedist specialist. In the mean time I purchased a pair of Quantum Sneakers. The fit was perfect. One day, after getting these shoes, I suddenly noticed I had worn these shoes ALL DAY without switching shoes! From that day forward I only wore these shoes and I have basically NO pain!! At this point, I no longer need more MD visits! I am discarding all my other sneakers and ordering another pair of Kurus!


Versatility Comes in Three

KURU sneakers are different. Not only did we pack some of the best technology into our shoes, but our sneakers have also improved the quality of life for thousands of people just like you.

Unmatched Protection

KURU sneakers work for you when you least expect it.

They protect your whole foot with the deep heel cup and accurate arch support.

It’s no wonder more Doctors recommend KURU sneakers for those that want to do more and go longer without any down time.

Get the best protection possible to feel better.

Proactive protection.

Rise to the Occasion

Our world sometimes demands we trade comfort for style.

With KURU sneakers, you no longer have to choose between what is comfortable and what looks good.

KURU has set a new standard in comfortable fashion.

KURU sneakers rise to the occasion, no matter where you wear them.

Let your KURU sneakers transfer easily from the office to dinner and a movie, all the while keeping your feet comfortable and impressive.

Be confident.

Sneakers as Unique as You

Your foot shape is like a fingerprint. It belongs only to you.

KURU adaptive sneakers use advanced, space-age materials to sculpt and mold directly to the shape of your own foot.

This provides you the assurance that KURU shoes are as unique as you are, offering the best and most ideal protection for your entire foot.

More trusted.

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