The Best Shoes for Foot Conditions

It’s easy to overlook the effect hours of standing, running, and walking has on the entire foot. The pressure on the arch, heel, achilles tendon and forefoot can lead to foot pain at during the day, and even development of conditions like plantar fasciitis over time.

A better way to support the feet and deal with pain is by wearing superior footwear. Shoes with achilles tendon support, metatarsal support, and plantar fasciitis support will provide total comfort and stability for the whole foot. Taking care to reduce strain on the feet starts with great shoes.

Taking care to reduce strain on the feet starts with great shoes.

Technology for a Natural Fit

KURUSOLE technology cups the fat pad of the heel to cup the heel bone and better cushion the fat pad for increased comfort and shock absorption as you step.

Our unique KURUSOLE cups the natural fat pad of the heel to better cushion your whole body. This promises increased comfort and shock absorption with every step.

This anatomical design works with the body’s natural cushioning to help alleviate from many foot conditions including heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and more.

Designed for You.

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Why others with foot conditions love KURU

They were comfortable from day need to break in! I am able to work all day under grueling conditions with considerably less foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain! A great pair of shoes makes an incredible difference in one's performance and attitude! "

~ Susan

I looked for a long time for shoes that would help my chronic plantar fasciitis, and although these won't "cure" it....they are definitely the best around for "relieving" it. You won't be disappointed.”

~ B.W.

I recently had Achilles Tendon/heel spur surgery. Was still having pain as I was going through the long recovery process. Your shoes helped minimize it. I purchased a good insole from my doctor. With your shoes I don't even need it.”

~ Thomas

What makes KURU better

Your feet are the foundation of your body. If you want to reduce or eliminate many of the complications that start at your feet, properly supporting this foundation is critical.

The breakthrough KURUSOLE™ orthotic technology gives you a shoe that molds to your individual foot shape. Like a finely tailored suit for your feet, KURU cushions your in all the right places for unprecedented results.

By adapting to nature, KURU shoes are a versatile and proven way to get you back to the life and activities you love. Support your foundation−naturally.

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