The Most Comfortable Outdoor Shoes You've Ever Had

When it comes to getting ready for your next camping trip, hike, or even just a day working in the yard, slipping on a great pair of comfortable, supportive outdoor shoes is essential for any activity.

Many outdoor shoes are designed only for a specific activity and don’t have the versatility to handle the transitions between one event and another. Constantly having to change your shoes to fit the situation is a hassle.

The mark of the best outdoor shoes is functionality. When you can go from the trail head to the park with friends to the restaurant in the same pair of shoes, you know you've found a great pair of outdoor shoes.

KURU outdoor shoes are not merely the most supportive shoes you’ll ever wear, they are multi-functional for your busy life outdoors.

KURU Shoes
Incredible Outdoor Shoes Technology

Unlike outdoor shoes that require an extensive ‘breaking in’ period, KURU outdoor shoes form to your feet as you walk for a custom fit. Our KURUSOLE™ technology gives you more support in the arch and a powerful cushioned HEELKRADL™ that cups your heel fat pad for increased comfort and stability.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

KURU midsole technology gives you the amazing benefit of an orthotic footbed in every shoe. This design creates more shape in the shoe for a natural, anatomically correct fit every time you put on your shoes.

KURU outdoor shoes also give you the traction and durability to go anywhere, from an alpine hike to a camping trip in the desert. A cupped rubber outsole wears better and offers serious grip on tough terrain.

What’s more, KURU shoes are lightweight and breathable to keep your feet comfortable, and help save you energy. Taking off a couple of ounces from your feet during outdoor activity can give you the essential energy to keep going.

With KURU outdoor shoes, you are performance ready wherever the outdoors takes you.

Ready for Amazing.

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I love Kuru - After years of pain (and suffering) I discovered this brand of shoe in the nick of time --- I nearly had surgery which was a short term fix only. This shoe shifted my foot by supporting the heal as I stepped and putting it into alignment (I found I had been walking on the outside of my right foot)-- Im a lifetime customer. This is my outdoors shoe and has taken the biggest beating of my kurus -- Its holding up well for the paces Im putting it through.


I've worn these shoes for about three years and I wear them primarily for gardening and heavy landscape work in my yard. My feet NEVER hurt again once I started doing yard work in these shoes.


I am on my feet for almost 10 hours a day. I work outdoors and my feet were hurting so bad they felt broken. I found the kuru website And called them and they recommended the quantum for the wider toe box. I was skeptical but wanted to try them. I wore them in the house for two days and then decided to go for it. Wow!!!! No more pain. Like walking on a cloud!!! Thank you Kuru!!!!! Love love love them!!

~Linda D.

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