Orthotics: The Foundation of Movement

Many lower body conditions like shin splints, heel spurs, excessive pronation, and even plantar fasciitis create problems that affect our whole range of motion. It’s these problems that so often compromise our balance and healthy movement.

Your feet are the foundation of all your motion, so naturally, wearing a shoe that actually molds to your feet is extraordinary. Unlike conventional orthotic treatments, KURU shoes provide an anatomical footbed that is built directly into the sole.

This medical grade orthotic is a breakthrough in shoe technology, and is a superior alternative to supplementary shoe inserts that must be awkwardly fitted into many different kinds of shoes.

KURU shoes are specially formed with custom orthotics that are proven to address many foot conditions to help you rediscover healthy movement.


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KURU: Innovative Orthotics for You

A built-in Varus wedge emphasizes a neutral pronation to improve foot alignment. What’s more, the HeelKradl™ custom foam midsole flexes with each step to cup and cushion your heel better than inserts. Built-in grooves increase flexibility in the forefoot for a natural feel against any surface.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

KURU shoes provide a unique solution to the pain of heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and abnormal pronation in one remarkable design. Alleviating pain and helping prevent recurrence of pain is the ultimate benefit of KURU shoes.

KURU technology is podiatrist tested and recommended for its valuable support and exceedingly comfortable and functional feel.

It’s no wonder more Doctors promote the superior orthopedic benefits of KURU shoes over costly shoe inserts.

Open Life.

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These shoes are very comfortable for my plantar fasciitis. There is no need for orthotics in these shoes.


"I have only had my [KURU] shoes for about 10 days & so far so good!... After 2 years of night splints, orthotics, stretches, physical therapy & icing, I think I have finally found the answer!...Thanks Kuru, for caring about all the PF sufferers hobbling around when they get out of bed every morning!


Pain-free walking - My PF has been extremely painful lately. My custom orthotics were not doing the trick either. After one day of wearing the [KURU] shoe and the next morning I stepped out of bed pain free. I'm a believer and will be back for another pair.

~Jeannine B.

Personalized Touch

KURU orthotics technology has simply taken the idea of secondary support out of the mix because we believe that everyone deserves premium support from their shoes - by design! Ending pain, improving movement, and getting back to living is our inspiration.

  • Custom Fit - A personalized fit means the shoe adapts to your unique foot. An innovative foam sockliner conforms to the contours of your foot so every step is perfectly supported.
  • Smart Footbed - Anatomically active footwear is constructed with your feet and your activity in mind. The unique flex of the KURU orthotic footbed adapts to the natural shape of your foot when you move. No more fitting into your shoes - now the shoe responds to you.
  • Natural Comfort - We wanted to preserve the natural feel of the bare foot, so we did just that. The broad, anatomical last of KURU shoes provides many levels of arch support, as well as cushioning in the heel and forefoot.
  • Outstanding Performance - The integrity of the construction and versatility of the design empower you to perform. For a day hike in the mountains, a night out on the town, or just a long day at work, KURU shoes are durable and proven to meet your everyday needs.

Uniquely Yours.

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