The Best Orthopedic Shoes for Men The Best Orthopedic Shoes for Men

The Best Orthopedic Shoes for Men

Quality Support and Comfort in a Memory Foam Footbed

Patented technology engineered to deliver Pain Relief Beyond Belief

The best orthopedic shoes for men are ultimately the shoes you’re actually willing to wear. Unfortunately many designers seem to think stylish orthopedic shoes are an oxymoron, so your choices for good orthopedic shoes were sparse. Until now.

What if you could get the orthopedic-inspired support you need in stylish shoes comfortable enough to wear all day? Imagine skipping the hassle of moving inserts from shoe to shoe in favor of simply lacing up your favorite pair and heading out.

We build each pair of KURUs around a trio of technologies engineered to deliver Pain Relief Beyond Belief, so you can take on the day in any style that catches your eye. Whether your pain is from plantar fasciitis, flat feet or high arches: we have a solution for you.

From the lightweight cushion of KURUCLOUD, to the unparalleled heel support you get with your patented KURUSOLE, our technology is a cut above the comfort you’ve experienced elsewhere.

Improved Technology in Orthopedic Shoes for Men

By designing a shoe to the natural shape of the human foot, KURU has improved the level of comfort and support in mens orthopedic shoes. Increased arch support and a generous cupped HEELKRADL™ provide lasting comfort on any surface.

When you spend hours standing, walking, and running, wearing a highly supportive shoe that absorbs shock is practically a necessity. KURU men’s orthopedic shoes give you amazing arch support and heel support for your busy, active life.

We understand you need a shoe that doesn’t just excel in one area. That’s why so many other orthopedic shoes fail. They don’t have the style and versatility to handle your everyday performance needs. Men's orthopedic shoes from KURU are ideal for work, outdoor activities, and even your next big adventure overseas. KURU's best orthopedic shoes for men are tested to perfectly handle trail, travel, and town with style and comfort.

Extraordinary Design.

Why others love KURU

I bought a pair of Kuru's and I walked all over Europe every day, with no problem with PF. I'm still walking 5 miles every day without any problem. It's amazing that I can do all this walking without a problem. I will never be without a Kuru again!"


After having severe foot pain and being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by my physical therapist, I searched the internet and found the Kuru web site. If you are going to be doing a fair amount of walking or on your feet all day you will find nothing more comfortable."