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There’s nothing quite like stepping into a great pair of new shoes. The vibrant colors, the new smell, and the feel on your feet make getting new shoes a renewing experience. Every new shoe has a different appeal as you wear it, and rarely do you find a shoe that has it all.

KURU is changing this.

Get ready for an improved new shoe experience with KURU. Featuring an anatomically correct midsole that adapts to the shape of your foot as you walk, KURU shoes are sure to be the most exciting new shoes you will own.

Dynamic support, more comfort, and total versatility merge with a stylish aesthetic to create the ultimate shoe that works for you. KURU new shoes are built to handle your busy, active life through a sleek, stylish design and an incredible midsole technology.

KURU Shoes
Acclaimed Comfort and Support

A special HeelKradl™ technology cups your heel and ‘pinches’ the heel fat pad to better cushion and stabilize your feet with each strike to the ground. This design provides essential comfort and support for the heel as you walk - helping to relieve pain and giving you a more natural walking gait.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

The remarkable KURUSOLE™ technology gives you a level of comfort and support like you’ve never felt in a shoe. It’s like experiencing new shoes specially designed to your feet. You can’t find this incredibly adaptable built-in technology in any other shoe.

At KURU, we set out to create a shoe with perfect comfort and support designed into the footbed. Unlike aftermarket insoles and expensive custom orthotics to add support to flat shoes, KURU gives you the amazing benefit of a dynamic orthotic insert directly in the footbed.

KURU new shoes work with nature to give you these amazing benefits. By reinforcing the body’s natural cushioning, KURU shoes offer a more natural, tactile feel and perfect cushioning on any surface.


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These are the best shoes that could have happened to my feet. I wore both pairs running and walking for at least 750 miles each, they held up perfect, and were comfortable to the very end


I love these shoes and cannot get enough of them. Thanks so much.


Comfort and style - I am enjoying my new shoes. Like the look, and so comfortable. No foot pain. On my feet all day long.


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