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Sometimes you just need to slip into a casual shoe. Casual loafers are great because they’re comfortable shoes and can be worn anywhere. Whether you’re off to the grocery store, a lunch with friends, or just another day at work, loafers are the perfect all around shoes.

The problem with a lot of loafers is that they do not give you the proper support where you need it. While cushioned, the true comfort is lacking because the midsole of the loafers are flat. This may be fine for a couple of hours, but when you’re on the go and spending all day on your feet you need a loafer that properly supports your entire foot.

Since the human foot is not flat, it makes no sense for your shoes to be flat as well. Loafers can be great casual, comfortable shoes, but when your feet are under a lot of strain, you need the support of a better shoe.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your loafers--just update them. KURU loafers are the most comfortable and supportive loafers available. With an amazing midsole technology that helps contribute to proper foot health, you’ll never see loafers the same again.

KURU Shoes
Loafers with an Orthotic Touch

KURU shoes also give you better support and cushioning in the heel. The incredible HEELKRADL™ reinforces the foot’s natural cushioning in the heel fat pad and cups your heel as you step. This absorbs more shock and better centers your every heel to toe strike for a healthier walking gait.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

No one likes to think that they are wearing a medical shoe day to day, but having a custom orthotic footbed has huge benefits. Imagine a loafer with the style and versatility you need to wear it anywhere, but with the cushioning and support of a medical grade orthotic.

With KURU loafers you get all of the above in a single design. The patented KURUSOLE™ was built to shape to your foot as you walk. This ergonomic design gives you the benefit of a midsole the adapts to the contours of your feet for increased arch support and a more natural flexibility.

The next time you want to slip into your loafers and go, check out KURU loafers for renewed comfort, support, and versatility in a traditional favorite.


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The Kuru’s are some of the most comfortable casual shoes that I've had in years and were perfect right out of the box. I put them on and immediately left for a weekend in New Orleans with lots of walking and never missed a beat.


There are many great things that I can say about these shoes, but I'll just say that your feet will thank you every day for putting on a pair of Kuru's. Thank you Kuru!!!


Another Great Shoe - I love it! I have arthritis in the joints of my toes and was looking for a shoe with rocker sole and better support to prevent further problems (hopefully). Kuru always surpasses expectations. This is a very comfortable shoe. I highly recommend this shoe. It is so nice to find a slip on shoe that looks great and feels great.


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