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The heel of the foot carries a huge amount of body weight while we walk, run, and stand. The heel was designed to absorb shock as we move and, as such, is a highly resilient part of the foot. Often though, the heel region requires added support during activity.

As we age, during sustained activity, or after some kind of trauma to the heel, the natural fat pad cushioning that protects the heel bone from impact can break down and become sensitive to everyday pressure from moving.

Now think of the benefit in having a shoe with a deep, supportive heel cup to give total heel support for work and

KURU has created a shoe with increased support in the arch and heel to give you the most support and comfort possible for daily living.

KURU Shoes
Unsurpassed Technology

All KURU Shoes come with our revolutionary patented KURUSOLE™ Technology.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

Every aspect of the KURU shoe has been designed for perfect comfort and support.

The orthotic shape was created with the input of podiatrists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals to capture a natural flexibility, heel supports, and orthopedic comfort.

With KURU on your feet, you can now get back to the activities you love with the knowledge your shoes are helping improve your foot health while helping avoid foot pain.

Go. Open Life.

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Bought these shoes for myself and my daughter. We both have foot issues. These shoes offer great support without being too rigid.


Comfy - These shoes are such an improvement over my other walking shoes. My feet were aching all the time and I knew something had to give. I wore them most of the day and my feet felt great. ...overall I would recommend these shoes. They have great arch and heel support.

~Aunt Sue Sue

Stylish and comfortable! These shoes look great and feel great! The built-in arch support is awesome, and I am in love with the heel support. Tired heels are a thing of the past! I'm so thankful that I found shoes that have made it possible for me to be more active in comfort.

~Adriana V.

Ultimate Insoles™ for Ultimate Support

KURU shoes for heel support include our Ultimate Insoles™ for a truly customized fit. The unique, heat-reactive foam molds to your individual foot over time, creating a custom fit you can trust.

Comfort Redefined

Comfort is built in with KURU. Many shoes seem comfortable for a while, but soon break down in the midsole and lose their cushioning.

KURU has taken comfort to a new level with an custom orthotic midsole that molds to your foot as you move.

An adaptive HEELKRADL™ gives you unparalleled heel arch support better than any aftermarket insert.

Inspired by You

At KURU we take customer feedback seriously.

We’re constantly working to improve our designs through your input.

This is why thousands of people have been positively affected by the comfort, style, and functionality of KURU shoes.

From the amazing orthotic heel support to the stylish aesthetic, KURU helps you get back to enjoying life.

More Versatility

The anatomically correct design of KURU shoes provides a flexible, more natural sensation while walking across any surface.

The lightweight, breathable fabrics allow for smooth, comfortable movement anywhere.

The best part is that each shoe is equipped with perfect heel arch support to help reduce foot pain.

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