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If you have a toe that looks crooked from an abnormal bend in the joint, you might have hammertoe. When the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your toes become unbalanced then your toes may no longer straighten out fully.

These bends in the joints are called hammertoe when they involve the middle joint in your toe. Mallet toe refers to the same issue but in the joint closer to your toenail. They are most common in the second, third and fourth toes.

Hammer Toes
What causes hammer toe?

The amazing KURUSOLE™ technology features a dynamic midsole that flexes with your feet and provides more cushioning and support for the arch and heel. The HEELKRADL™ cups your heel to better absorb shock and center your foot for proper heel to toe strikes.

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Both issues are caused by pressure or a muscle imbalance that creates a deformity in the toe, and they are often caused by wearing high heels or narrow shoes. The bend in the joint can worsen over time, and certain conditions like diabetes—or feet with either flat or unusually high arches—can also contribute to hammertoe and mallet toe.

Hammertoe can be painful, and it can be even more painful as you try to move your toes. Movement may also be more difficult in the affected joint. Some hammertoes remain flexible, while in the more severe cases of rigid hammertoe the digit may not move much at all. Rigid hammertoe occurs in patients with severe arthritis or those who let the issue go untreated, and at that point surgery may become necessary to relieve the pain.

In addition to the pain from the deformity itself, the awkward positioning can push your toe against your shoes to cause painful corns or calluses.

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Prevention, treatment, and the right shoes

When it comes to preventing or treating hammertoe, the fix is often as simple as finding the right fit for your feet. A wide toe box helps your body heal while relieving some of the pain and pressure. Soft materials can ease the friction on corns or calluses—or stop new ones from forming.

More than just a solution for hammertoe, KURU footwear considers every aspect of your comfort to put a stop to foot pain. The KURUCLOUD midsole blends premium foams for unparalleled cushioning.

Our patented KURUSOLE hugs your heels with every step to lessen impact and stress. Unlike other approaches to solving heel pain, KURUSOLE dynamically flexes as you walk to deliver Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

A fabulous fit is in your future, as our ULTIMATE INSOLES use your body heat to mold to the unique shape of your foot over time—delivering support where you need it and cushion where you want it.

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