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KURU: The Best Support Shoes
Better Everyday Support Footwear

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you recognize the importance of supportive footwear. With so many diverse shoes on the market it can be hard to select quality support shoes for your needs. So many shoes either don’t have robust support in areas like the heel and arch, or they have low grade midsoles that break down too soon.

KURU shoes for support are built with your everyday comfort in mind through an anatomical midsole design that molds to your foot.

When a busy, active life demands that you constantly move around on hard, changing surfaces, you need support shoes that can adapt to your life on the move.

The Ultimate Comfort.
KURU shoes provide the best shoes for heel support
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KURU shoes provide the best shoes for heel support
Astounding Support Technology

KURU shoes are the most anatomically robust shoes available.

A custom orthotic midsole supports the arch for maximum comfort and stability on any surface.

Go. Open Life.™

A shoe that shapes to your unique foot offers multiple levels of comfort in the forefoot, heel. and the arch.

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Why Others Love KURU

The moment I tried these shoes, they felt great. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and am now able to walk. They are very comfortable.


I had been living in agony, trying everything I could think of to get some relief for my foot pain. From the very first day these shoes were so comfortable. My foot pain is a thing of the past. Thank you KURU!!


I can honestly say these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.


Ultimate Support
KURU shoes provide the best shoes for heel support
Natural Construction

A deep HEELKRADL™ design cups the fat pad of the heel for valuable cushioning and support. This benefits your every step by ‘pinching’ the fat pad to absorb shock and direct the foot toward a more neutral foot position. This shoe support facilitates healthier, natural, more anatomical foot motion.

KURU shoes provide the best shoes for heel support
Customers Love KURU

We’ve received a lot of customer support and feedback in the development of our shoes. The orthotic shape and incredible comfort has helped many people overcome foot pain and experience life through better support shoes.

KURU shoes provide the best shoes for heel support
Discover the Benefits

Whether you deal with sporadic foot pain, a condition like plantar fasciitis, or just want highly comfortable, versatile shoes with support, KURU is your answer. As one customer recently wrote, “My feet have never felt better. I have plantar fasciitis and heel pain and had suffered for years before finding Kuru shoes. These shoes are perfect for me.”

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