Shin Splints

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What are Shin Splints?

Shin splints are a common affliction for people with high levels of physical activity. Runners and other athletes involved in fitness activities that place a lot of stress and force on the legs are particularly susceptible to shin splints. Of course, the exceedingly hard, flat surfaces on which we walk, stand, and run don’t help matters much.

When the leg muscles at the front of your legs are heavily stressed during activity, sharp pain is felt in the shin area. Shin splints can also be caused by over pronation, high arches, and poorly supported shoes. Treating shin splints early on is essential to avoid to further damaging the muscles and developing stress fractures.

How to Treat Shin Splints

There are a number of measure to prevent and treat shin splints while strengthening the leg muscles and improving overall foot health.

  • Condition Muscles-
  • Often shin splints occur when you overexert your leg muscles when running or conditioning. This also applies if you have not allowed your muscles to tone properly in preparation for a fitness routine. For regular running and other running intensive sports, be sure to properly condition your muscles over time to prevent overexertion. Start slow and build to higher intensities.

  • Stretch Well-
  • Before any physical activity, stretching well is essential to prevent injury and maximize performance. Stretching the legs well before and after activity will improve flexibility and decrease the likelihood of severe strains and shin splints.

  • Reduce Activity Levels-
  • Rest is one of the best ways to treat any injury. For shin splints, avoiding excessive running and jumping on hard surfaces and reducing your activity intensity for a short time can treat shin splints and regular foot pain. If you run, try running shorter distances or with less intensity until pain subsides.

  • Wear Supportive Shoes-
  • The best long term solution to shin splints is regularly wearing supportive footwear. Shock absorbing shoes with excellent arch and heel support will help with pain and keep you engaged in activity. Better managing foot pain comes down to managing your foot health with quality comfortable shoes.

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The Most Comfortable Shoes for Shin Splints

KURU shoes are the most comfortable and supportive shoes for shin splints through a sleek, ergonomic design that contours to the shape of your individual foot as you walk. The patent-pending KuruSole™ is an anatomically correct midsole that provides essential cushioning and support in the arch and heel.

Maintaining proper foot alignment as you exercise is important to the bio mechanics of movement. From trail running to tennis, wearing quality KURU arch support shoes can make a huge difference in comfort and performance.

The amazing HeelKradl™ design works with the natural cushioning of the heel fat pad to cushion and absorb shock during movement. This orthotic support is hugely beneficial for high impact athletic activities that lead to shin splints.

With KURU, you get the benefit of a custom orthotic midsole with the comfort and versatility of quality active footwear. No other shoes for shin splints feature the natural shape and cushioning of KURU shoes to promote long term foot health.

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