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Concrete, asphalt, tile and other hard surfaces are a big problem for your body. When you walk on these unforgiving surfaces, your feet suffer the most.

To make matters worse, most shoes have flat insoles. If you are walking on flat insoles, you are at risk of continued pain from plantar fasciitis. Until you make a change for more supportive shoes, your risk and pain may continue.

What if there was a solution to plantar fasciitis that could start with a pair of shoes for plantar fasciitis? Imagine a shoe that, instead of being flat, had a deep heel cup and contoured footbed to help relieve your pain and to help prevent injury.

KURU is quickly becoming the #1 leading shoe for plantar fasciitis due to the revolutionary KURUSOLE™ footbed technology that offers a new standard of heel and arch support to help with your plantar fasciitis.


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Smarter Technology for Plantar Fasciitis

KURU has helped thousands who were down and out from plantar fasciitis. Through an ideal routine of morning stretches and exercises while wearing KURU shoes for plantar fasciitis throughout the day, you can get amazing results.

Our groundbreaking KURUSOLE™ technology is smarter. It flexes to adapt to your foot with each step. This flexing helps cup your fat pad under your heel bone for remarkable stability, support and relief. With such smart technology that adapts to your unique foot, it is no wonder more Doctors recommend KURU shoes for plantar fasciitis.

To truly transform your life, we knew it would take more than just another pair of premium shoes for plantar fasciitis. That is why we developed KURU with the patented KURUSOLE™ technology.

The new standard.

Shop the best-selling Plantar Fasciitis Shoes:

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Why others love KURU

am a pharmacist suffering with plantar fasciitis. I received my 1st pair of Kuru shoes and I will never wear another shoe. I noticed the difference within a few days and now I go some days ‘without any pain at all. You now have a customer for life!

~ Greg L., RPh

I have had calf and foot surgery on both legs for plantar fasciitis. Kuru shoes have certainly aided in my recovery. My feet fill great after wearing them all day.

~ Darin S., Indiana

Used my shoes from Kuru to go hiking in Colorado. I didn't feel any pain from my plantar fasciitis during hikes of several hours. I will order more Kuru shoes based on the success I have had.

~ Laurel P., California

Simply the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

KURU shoes are different. Not only did we pack some of the best technology into our shoes, but our plantar fasciitis shoes have also improved the quality of life for thousands of people just like you:

Expert Approved

Doctors have always known that poor-quality shoes can increase plantar fasciitis heel pain. That is why more Doctors recommend KURU shoes for plantar fasciitis to people like you.

In fact, Dr. Roger Sheffield wrote, "After decades of practicing as a physician, I have seen a lot of different products designed to solve health problems. KURU is the #1 shoe that has helped my Plantar Fasciitis".

Trust the experts to help you avoid injuries so you can love your life.


Naturally Better

KURU shoes for plantar fasciitis work with nature to help with plantar heel issues. Nature placed a fat pad under your heel bone to cushion your every step. With this in mind, our team of medical experts developed the revolutionary KURUSOLE™ midsole technology.

This space-age technology cups your foot to keep the fat pad under your heel bone. This means KURU works with nature to not only cushion every step, but also to help your body heal itself. This gives you maximum comfort and mobility from your plantar fasciitis so you can be happy.

Raising the bar.

Chase the Pain Away

With almost 9 out of 10 of customers recommending KURU to others, you can trust KURU shoes for plantar fasciitis to offer amazing comfort, stability and support. The strongest proof comes directly from someone who's life has been transformed by KURU.

Robert, one of our fans, wrote, “they are by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn and have all but cured an acute case of plantar fasciitis. This sounds like hype, but they are the best thing since sliced bread!"

World class.

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