Flat Feet Support

Flat Feet Support

The Most Comfortable Flat Feet Support Shoes

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Having flat feet can cause everyday foot pain and lead to more severe foot conditions if left unaddressed. Breakdown in the arches is painful and often requires better footwear. Shoes with the proper flat feet supports can significantly improve comfort, stability, and overall foot health.

KURU shoes offer total support for flat feet through an incredible orthotic midsole that cushions and stabilizes the foot during movement.

More support in the arch means that you get flat foot support like no other shoe.

Transforming Support.

Shop the Best-Selling Flat Feet Support Shoes:

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The most supportive shoes for flat feet
Dynamic Technology

A doctor recommended orthopedic design creates more room in the forefoot with a more stable midsole for better arch support for flat feet. This more natural shape helps keep your feet in a healthier position as you move.

Each KURU shoe gives you the benefit of multi-density support in the forefoot, plantar fascia, and arch regions.

The shapely foam KURUSOLE™ molds to your foot for flat feet arch support that won’t break down.

Unsurpassed Comfort.

Shop the Best-Selling Flat Feet Support Shoes:

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Why others love KURU

I have extremely flat feet and at age 57 I have never been without foor pain. I bought a pair of Kuru's last week and 90% of my foot pain is gone! Not 100% pain free but I have never been this close before.

~ Bill

The shoes provide sufficient arch & heel support that avoids development of plantar fascitis, since I'm flat-footed and I work on my feet for a living (massage therapist).

~ Reginald

very comfortable, supportive shoe, hasn't completely solved my issues, but my feet are nowhere near as sore at the end of a 9hr work day.

~ Deborah

Flat Feet: The Most Supportive Shoe

Improved Movement

A lighter, more efficient design makes KURU shoes perfect for life on the go.

Breathable, water resistant nylon-textile fabric provides moisture wicking and durability for enhanced comfort and performance.

Support and Versatility

The amazing support in KURU shoes make them perfect comfort shoes for any activity.

Flat feet arch supports center the foot better for a more anatomically correct heel to toe strike. A flexible forefoot gives you the benefit of a more natural walking feel against the ground.

Inspired to Live

KURU shoes not only give you the benefit of arch supports for flat feet, but also inspire you to participate in activities that give meaning to your life.

With a stylish, functional design, KURU lets you focus on living and worry less about foot pain.

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