The Most Comfortable Fitness Shoes You've Ever Had

We all know that buying quality fitness shoes requires considering performance as well as comfort. The problem is that many shoes feel great and seem supportive in the store, but once you begin using them regularly, flatten out and suddenly aren’t as reliable anymore.

The performance of the shoe as well as your overall comfort can be affected.

For your fitness pursuits you need a shoe with anatomical support; a shoe with orthotic technology built into the shoe.

The patented KURUSOLE™ is a custom orthotic midsole that molds to your individual foot. A refined ergonomic heel area actually cups your heel as your foot strikes the ground.

With this kind of technology you stay comfortable in your shoes for longer, giving you that much needed edge to improve your performance.

KURU Shoes
Fitness Shoes That Exceed Expectations

Preserving the natural shape of the foot with a custom footbed and orthotic HEELKRADL™ that absorbs shock and better cushions the heel redefines what a fitness shoe is expected to do.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

So many fitness shoes promise better performance but don’t deliver on what’s really important--your overall foot health. When you’re putting a lot of strain on your feet during exercise, you need a shoe that will help improve the way you move.

The KURU patented midsole is proven to hold form and keep you performing hard. No other fitness shoe combines this many incredible benefits in one shoe.

Isn’t it time you exceeded your own expectations?

Transforming Lives.

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I like the fact that my heel never really touches the ground. This allows my heel spur's inflammation to subside thus resulting in pain free walking and running.

~Richard S.

I have gone through every walking, running, trainer shoe out there with custom orthotics made and even the big walking boot, and i will never need them again thanks to finding KURU!! I couldn't love them more!

~Yvette L

YASSSS, KURU, YASSSS!!!! These shoes fit AMAZING! I am flat footed and have plantar fasciitis. No joke, there have been times that I forget that I've been standing up on my feet all day and when I do realize it and that my feet feel GREAT I have to say "I love my KURU shoes!". I've spent so much money on other athletic shoe brands which feel somewhat comfortable right out of the box. However, I am never completely satisfied with the support of these shoes and would supplement the lack of support with an insole. I wanted an athletic shoe that I didn't feel needed to be replaced after a few months simply because the support didn't last. These were my second purchase of KURU shoes and I am so impressed with the quality and support (heel & arch). The roomy toe area is AWESOME! My toes never feel crowded. These are the most comfortable and well-cushioned shoes I've ever purchased and I will continue to repurchase them. They will forever be my choice for a fitness shoe. I will never refer to them as just "shoes". These are my "KURUs" and I love them!


A Superior Fit
No one wants to constantly think about their shoes while exercising, and why should you? A well designed fitness shoe should offer cushioned support and versatility enough to put your mind at ease while you break a sweat.
Highly Versatile

Sometimes you just need a shoe that can do it all.

From the trail to the track and back downtown, KURU fitness shoes are the perfect all around shoes for your busy, active life.

Remarkably Cushioned

From the flexible forefoot to the deep heelcup, KURU fitness shoes offer genuine all around comfort.

Every part of the midsole design cushions your entire foot by actually shaping to it.

Performance Style

A wide range of colors and styles means that you get a shoe you can feel confident wearing to the gym and trails alike.

KURU shoes are incredibly functional without sacrificing a stylish aesthetic.

Orthotic Support

Each KURU shoe is constructed to give the maximum amount of support possible to your feet.

A better anatomical design conforms to your foot to create a more natural motion as your foot strikes the ground.


The weight of the shoes on your feet affects your endurance and performance.

KURU fitness shoes are lighter to make you more efficient.

By taking just a couple ounces of weight off your feet you can exercise longer and harder.

Improved Traction

Whether you’re on a casual walk, jogging, or hiking a steep trail, the full rubber outsole on KURU shoes provide a strong grip on any surface.

This design improves durability and wears better over time.

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