The Most Comfortable Cross Training Shoes

Durable and highly functional cross training shoes are essential for all of your fitness pursuits. Poorly supported, uncomfortable shoes aren’t going to help your performance or your foot health.

Why not look for the most comfortable shoe that protects your feet and inspires you to do more? A versatile cross training shoe allows you to train hard and still look great and feel comfortable on the way home.

KURU shoes are unlike any other shoe when it comes to comfort, support, and functionality. A patent-pending anatomical midsole is proven to increase stability and traction when you most need it.

Cushioned support in the heel and forefoot will make each movement feel smooth and natural. Whether you’re spending an afternoon playing racquetball or hiking mountain trails, KURU cross training shoes excel where other shoes fall short.

KURU Shoes
Recharge Your Life with KURU

Our innovative orthotic HEELKRADL™ flexes to cup your heel with each step. We’ve perfected this orthopedic style design to help prevent heel pain and ensure a comfortable stride. When you’re training hard, you want a shoe that isn’t just going to cover your foot, but actually aid healthy movement.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Fat Pad Comparison

With KURU cross training shoes, you don’t adapt to the shoe, the shoe adapts to you! Think of them like a personalized piece of equipment. Movement is effortless in a high performance shoe that molds to your own feet with a custom orthotic footbed.

Our superior shoe technology coupled with a passion for all things active make KURU a premium choice for those who want total support and versatility from their shoes. When you need to seriously perform, you need a serious shoe to back you up.

KURU cross training shoes give you every extra bit of comfort and support. We’ve got your back...and your feet.


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Kuru Carreras are amazing! I have to tell you these Carreras are the absolute best. As soon as they go on, they hug my foot with the deep heel and comfortable arches. I have never worn athletic shoes which did not have to be 'broken in.' I am a believer!


Great support. I have purchased 4 pairs. My plantar fasciitis is completely gone. I play pickleball 4 to 5 times a week and I will not get on the court without them, although not expressly a court shoe they are very supportive and are non-marking... They look good and feel good. I have recommended them to four of my fellow pickelball players and they are all hooked on them.

~Pickelball Bob

Running never felt this good! I bought this pair of Kuru shoes hoping to get back into walking. I have since surpassed walking but now back to running. My knees don't hurt, my hips and back feel great and these amazing shoes hold up to be beating them against the pavement. Thanks again Kuru!

~Anthony W.

Individualized Performance
Superior Durability

A well constructed shoe is going to wear better, longer. The cupped rubber sole design offers a long lasting construction so you can take on any terrain without worrying about your shoes breaking down.


KURU shoes help save you energy. The lighter design takes weight off your feet, decreasing oxygen use and keeping you training longer.

Remarkable Support

Our patented midsole technology make KURU cross training shoes the most supportive around. A molded orthotic footbed provides healthy, natural support like no other shoe.

Perfect Traction

Aggressive rubber outsoles provide an intense grip that gives you powerful incentive to maximize your training on any surface.

Unlimited Versatility

KURU cross training shoes embody versatility in design and function. From the trail to the rec center, each shoe is custom built for your active lifestyle.

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