Really Comfortable Shoes for Everyday Activity

When you lead a busy, active life, you depend on your feet to get you where you need to go. Often we overlook how much weight and impact our feet support and absorb during the many hours spent standing, walking, and running.

Beyond how much stress our feet endure, the shoes we wear are often inadequate to handle our day to day activities. The shoes we wear truly do have an effect on our performance in any activity. Shouldn’t we be wearing really comfortable shoes to support them?

Many shoes claim to be really comfortable shoes, and may feature cushioning, but the insole is still flat. Wearing flat shoes while walking across hard, flat surfaces doesn’t do anything for your feet, and may contribute to foot problems.

Having really comfortable shoes is more than just having a little bit of cushioning. The most comfortable shoes give you the benefit of true, lasting comfort and support in key areas like the arch, heel, and forefoot.

KURU Shoes
KURU: Orthotic Support in Really Comfortable Shoes

KURU shoes are built with an ergonomic design that actually shapes to your foot. A custom orthtotic in the footbed provides essential arch support and flexibility in the forefoot so each movement is comfortable and fluid.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

KURU really comfortable shoes have an anatomical midsole to give you multiple levels of cushioning and support. A busy schedule on your feet demands a shoe that can withstand hard, changing surfaces and conditions while properly supporting your feet.

What’s more, the amazing HeelKradl™ design cups the heel fat pad for increased comfort and support in the heel as you step. This helps absorb more shock and reduce the occurrence of heel pain as you walk, stand, and run.

No other comfort shoe gives you these exciting benefits in a single shoe design. You’d have to have an aftermarket insole to get this level of support and comfort. With KURU the benefit is by design. After all, having really comfortable shoes comes down to promoting good foot health.


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I can honestly say these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Even with Nike running shoes, I feel the heel pain after a long day. Not these babies.


Easily one of THE most COMFORTABLE shoes I own. Great shoe if you suffer from foot pain.


Most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own - This is my fifth pair of shoes by Kuru. I have tried other shoes... but I just keep going back to to Kuru for the comfort. I can put these on and for me there is no “breaking in” required. The cushioning in the foot, the good fit around the heel and plenty of room in the toe box just all combine to make this the most comfortable shoe you can buy. Great for anyone with plantar fasciitis. ... I won’t ever try any other shoe in the future,,,nothing compares!

~Happy client

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