The Best Shoes for Heel Pain

Millions of people suffer from heel pain every day. Pressure and strain from walking, running. and standing on hard, unforgiving surfaces leads to heel pain. All of this not only affects your foot health, but also contributes to other issues like knee, hip, and back pain.

Unfortunately, morning exercises and stretches only give temporary relief and the pain returns throughout your day. Orthopedic shoes are clunky and unattractive. Custom orthotic inserts are extremely expensive, and are rigid, uncomfortable and fit poorly in your shoes.

What if there was a solution to heel pain that could leave your feet feeling good? Imagine slipping into a pair of shoes for heel pain that could offer pain relief so you wouldn't feel cranky or crabby. You could forget about your heel pain, and focus on others and your work. Imagine how time would fly as you live a higher quality of life.

KURU's shoes for heel pain give you support and pain relief, so you can focus your energy on feeling good, not on your heel pain. Read on to learn how KURU shoes can enable you to exercise, travel, and enjoy higher levels of energy while avoiding health issues.

KURU Shoes
Happy Technology for Heels

KURU shoes for heel pain has helped thousands overcome heel pain symptoms. The secret is in the unique KURUSOLE™ technology that offers a deep heel cup that hugs your heels for supreme comfort. The proven KURUSOLE™ technology has transformed so many lives, KURU shoes have quickly become the best shoes for heel pain.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

What if it were possible to achieve greater happiness through better foot health? We not only believe this is possible, but we have also cracked the code to a new standard of relief from heel pain.

The magic is found in our space-age, orthotic technology called KURUSOLE™. KURUSOLE™ flexes with every step to cup the fat pad in your heels. This cupping allows nature to use the fat pad as a shock absorber to reduce, or even eliminate, heel pain. But we didn't stop there.

By helping your body heal itself, KURUSOLE™ creates the world’s most powerful shoes for heel pain that deliver a level of comfort never before experienced.

Improve your quality of life.

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I'm on my 5th pair - These shoes have restored my feet to almost normal. My heel pain is gone and the forefoot of this shoe has plenty of room for my metatarsal pad and I still have good toe room. I have hardly had them off since the day they arrived!


These really do work. My second pair - Standing nine hours a day averaging 10,000 steps these really were a lifesaver. I should also add that I have no knee pain, no heel pain with these shoes.


Excellent for heel pain!!! I am a nurse and on my feet for 12hrs per shift. I have psoriatic arthritis and having been having unbearable heel pain for over a year. I really had to consider getting some sort of desk job. I took a chance and googled “heel pain” because I had already tried many other shoes. Wow did I get lucky with Kuru!!!! As soon as I put them on, I knew they were perfect!!! What a relief not having to wince with every step. I LOVE my Kurus!!!


Gateway to Living
With the potential to help the millions suffering from plantar fasciitis, KURU is the leading solution for those with plantar fasciitis.

As Monica D. told us, "For the first time in 3 years I am able to get up in the morning without almost falling on my face with pain. I still have some pain, but is nothing compared to the way I was before wearing your shoes. I...will never buy any other tennis shoe again...your shoes have given me back my life."

Shaped Like You

Every KURU shoe starts with the shape of a real human foot.

We engineered a broad, natural shape in the toes, allowing your feet to spread out throughout the day.

KURU is shaped to work with nature for maximum health and an improved quality of life.

Get an instantly familiar fit for all-day comfort and wear.

Silky Smooth Ride

We put a lot of effort into creating the perfect shape of our outsole and midsole.

That is why KURU promises an improved, rockered sole shape.

This shape lets your foot roll naturally as you walk, reducing impacts for advanced pain relief.

With a ride this smooth, forget your pain and start focusing on what matters most - yourself and others.

Makes You Look Good

Plantar fasciitis shoes from KURU not only boast of legendary technology on the inside, but versatile styling on the outside.

This is where KURU shines.

With multiple styles and designs, KURU shoes for plantar fasciitis are attractive for your morning walks, superior for traveling abroad, and simply stunning for running errands.

Relief has never looked better.

Ultimate Insoles™ for Ultimate Relief

KURU shoes for heel pain include our Ultimate Insoles™ for a truly customized fit. The unique, heat-reactive foam molds to your individual foot over time, creating a custom fit you can trust.

Simply The Most Comfortable

KURU shoes for heel pain ensure that your feet are comfortable and supported while promoting overall foot health.

Acclaimed Shoes for Heel Pain

With the best shoes for heel pain, there is no reason to let pain prevent you from staying active and maintaining proper foot health.

Heel Stability

Combined with near-perfect arch support and premium heel stability, KURU shoes will transform your heel pain so you can go longer with more energy.

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