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Knee pain can be a constant obstacle, especially if you spend a lot of your day on your feet! Pain is often your body telling you something isn’t right, but did you know the wrong shoes may be causing pain in places other than your feet: like your knees, hips or back?

Your shoes can subject your body to extra stress and punishment if they lack cushion and support, and some footwear changes the way you walk or move in ways that punish your knees. And, because every body is different: finding shoes that help with knee pain may mean different things to different people.

Knee pain and your feet

The amazing KURUSOLE™ technology features a dynamic midsole that flexes with your feet and provides more cushioning and support for the arch and heel. The HEELKRADL™ cups your heel to better absorb shock and center your foot for proper heel to toe strikes.

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One cause of knee pain is flimsy shoes, like most flip-flops on the market. The lack of cushion and support is hard on your body, and wearing cheap sandals can also shorten your gait—increasing fatigue and pain.

High heels are another common culprit because they put a strain on your shins and feet that can lead to knee pain. Wearing extremely high heels can also shorten your calf muscles, which can cause pain in your knees. But this doesn’t mean flats are automatically your best friend for fighting knee pain! It’s important to choose a supportive shoe to avoid overstretching or stressing the muscles and ligaments in your feet.

Many common foot problems can lead indirectly to knee pain. When your feet hurt, you will often subconsciously (or sometimes consciously) change the way you walk to reduce that pain. This temporary relief can create knee problems down the road as your body is forced into unnatural movements and positions.

The same is true of shoes that change your body's natural alignment, or that fail to compensate for common foot issues like over and under-pronation or flat feet—which can lead to knee pain over time.

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Good shoes for bad knees

Shoes that help with knee pain may vary by person, but in general you want a good blend of cushioning and support. The goal is to protect your body from strain and impact, while steering you toward a natural posture and gait. Our patented KURUSOLE technology dynamically hugs your heels as you walk to absorb shock, while our KURUCLOUD EVA midsole delivers abundant cushion and a smooth stride.

Skip the frustration of finding the right mass-produced insole, or the expense of custom orthotics, with our ULTIMATE INSOLES. Built with space-age materials, they use your own body heat to mold to the shape of your foot over time.

This trio of technologies combines for the best walking shoes for knee pain by helping your body stay aligned and moving the way nature intended.

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