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When you spend hours standing or walking on hard, flat surfaces you may find yourself looking for shoes to relieve back pain. Changes to the way you stand or move can contribute to low back pain, joint pain and a host of other problems. Even if you don’t have the stereotypical “bad back,” these aches and pains may creep in when you put your body through a rigorous day.

Commom Back Pain Causes

The amazing KURUSOLE™ technology features a dynamic midsole that flexes with your feet and provides more cushioning and support for the arch and heel. The HEELKRADL™ cups your heel to better absorb shock and center your foot for proper heel to toe strikes.

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Back pain can have a wide variety of causes, but for many back pain sufferers your posture and gait are important pieces of the puzzle. Over or under pronation is one example of a common foot problem that can lead to back pain. Your feet are your foundation, and problems at that base level can have major repercussions for the rest of your body. Even small changes in pronation can change how we move, and over time those changes can put extra strain and tension on your body. Overworking muscles or tendons in your feet, legs and hips can lead to pain in your back. Certain kinds of shoes can also increase your risk of back pain for similar reasons, with high heels being the chief culprit. High heels tend to position your foot at angles that increase stress on muscles and joints—causing pain in areas like your low back, your neck, and your shoulders. While high heels can be a problem, that doesn’t necessarily make flats the best back pain shoes! Again, the key here is keeping you aligned and moving with natural posture. If your shoes aren’t supportive enough, you’re taking a lot of punishment—which can radiate through your body and manifest as back pain. When your feet take a beating, you may subconsciously change the way you walk to protect those sensitive spots at the cost of your back and other areas.

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The best shoes for back pain focus on cushioning and supporting you to reduce impact and stress, all while keeping your body aligned and moving the way nature intended you to.

You’ll want a shoe that shields you from the force of the hard, flat surfaces we all spend so much time walking and standing on. The legendary comfort of KURUSOLE comes from the patented way it hugs and cradles your heel to absorb shock. Unlike other shoes, it dynamically flexes with your every move to direct even more impact away from your feet and protect your body.

The right amount of bounce and cushion can be just what you need to save your back from those aches and pains, and our KURUCLOUD EVA midsole delivers both in a lightweight design that won’t weigh you down.

Finally, every foot is different but custom orthotics are cumbersome and costly. In contrast, our ULTIMATE INSOLES use space-age materials that adjust to the shape of your foot over time using your body’s own heat! Get cushion where you want it and support where you need it, paired with a personalized fit.

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