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At KURU we obsess over the science of foot pain, but that’s only one part of keeping you healthy and happy. Avoiding falls is a key piece of the puzzle, and a slip-resistant shoe can be just what you need to keep moving on tricky terrain.

Many of you work in restaurants, hospitals, or other places where sure footing is critical to your success. And when you step up to tackle a problem, you need to be confident that your work shoes aren’t going to pull the floor out from under you!

The slippery science of safety

The amazing KURUSOLE™ technology features a dynamic midsole that flexes with your feet and provides more cushioning and support for the arch and heel. The HEELKRADL™ cups your heel to better absorb shock and center your foot for proper heel to toe strikes.

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Slips, trips and falls are responsible for about 700 workplace deaths every year, according to OSHA, and many workplaces make anti-slip shoes a requirement for good reason! The danger isn’t limited to the workplace by any means, asone in four Americans over the age of 65 fall each year. Slipping occurs when there isn’t enough friction between your feet and the surface you’re walking on. This can be due to wet or slick conditions, the wrong footwear, or a mixture of both. A non-slip shoe is extra critical in areas where you can expect to encounter slippery substances like wax or grease, or on surfaces without much friction like tile. But even with the right shoes, it’s crucial to be aware of your surroundings. When you encounter a potential hazard like ice or a wet floor: avoid it—or use short and slow steps to reduce your risk of a fall.

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Secure shoes to avoid falls

We designed KINETIC after some sole searching about avoiding falls. A three-hole, molded eyelet creates a more secure fit around your foot to reduce the risk you’ll trip or stumble.

The shoe’s patented non-slip design includes a high-grade, full rubber outsole that deflects grease, oils, and other fluids while improving traction. The anti-slip materials meet ASTM F2913 and SATRA TM-144 standards.

Durable leather uppers, reflective windows for low light conditions, and flat laces designed to stay tied all day all work together to make KINETIC the ultimate anti-slip shoe.

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