More Comfortable Than Gravity Defyer Shoes

KURU is the most anatomically correct shoe because of our patented KURUSOLE technology. Lighter, More Comfortable Anti-Gravity Shoes.

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We spend a large part of our day walking and standing on hard, flat surfaces. Most of the time we don’t even think about how uncomfortable these surfaces are and how they may be responsible for many foot conditions.

What’s worse is that the shoes we wear are too often unaccommodating to these kinds of surfaces. Ill-fitting, flat, and even anti-gravity shoes can lead to or worsen everyday foot pain.

Since our feet are not flat, it makes sense to wear a shoe that has more shape with a lighter feel. KURU shoes are both lighter and more naturally shaped to give you the most comfort and support on any surface.

KURU shoes are so cushioned and supportive you’ll swear they are better than gravity-defying shoes.

KURU Shoes
Superior Technology

By working with nature, KURUSOLE has a unique cupping motion that hugs your heels while keeping your natural fat pads where they belong. This means KURU shoes help your feet absorb shock, giving you protection the way nature intended.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Fat Pad Comparison

The powerful, patented KURUSOLE was designed with some of the brightest minds in medicine, science and footwear. Designed to adapt to the natural contours of your feet, our KURUSOLE technology cups your natural fat pads. This gives you a superior impact absorbing power and cushioning the natural way.

To top it off, our next generation ULTIMATEINSOLES use heat-sensitive foams that react to your body heat to mold to your unique foot shapes. This promises you a customized, more natural fit.


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Great shoe, they are like wearing a pair of slippers. These shoes are far better than any of my other expensive name brand shoes. Thanks again!"


These shoes are amazing! I have really hot feet, so the mesh is wonderful. On days where I'm on my feet all day at work, these are the only shoes I'll wear. I have a couple other pairs, but these are my favorite."




KURU: The Most Supportive Shoe
Inspiring Design

Each KURU shoe is designed to provide outstanding comfort and support that you can’t find in any other shoe, even gravity shoes. Through an orthotic midsole that better stabilizes and centers the foot, KURU shoes not only give you a more natural fit unlike any anti-gravity shoes, but they also let you continue to pursue the activities you love with the assurance of perfect comfort and support.

Simple yet Amazing

An uncomplicated, stylish, and versatile aesthetic make KURU shoes the ideal everyday footwear. From a more roomy, flexible forefoot to a unique KURUSOLE that cups the heel fat pad for natural support that doesn't merely absorb shock, but actually works to better align your heel to toe strike for improved movement across any surface.

Superior Technology

Many shoes marketed as anti-gravity shoes and gravity-defying shoes merely feature a complex sole technology that uses springs and other hardware to offer support. KURU shoes give you orthopedic comfort and support through a natural shoe design that shapes to your foot. The difference is that KURU shoes adapt to your foot so you experience a natural comfort that can’t be had in any gravity shoes.

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