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Welcome to healthier heels. As the first point of contact in each stride, our heels can take a beating—especi. . . Show More

Since I bought these shoes, I've worn them constantly. They fit like a comfortable glove & make me feel like I'm walking on a cloud.

Ellen D.

Women's Shoes - List of products

Women's Shoes - List of products

Walking, Workouts, Everyday

Pewter-Night Sky-2.0
5 Colors, 2 Widths
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Brand New

Everyday, Beach, Errands

2 Colors
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Work, Brunch, Errands

Jet Black-Bright White
5 Colors
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Walking, Workouts, Everyday

Jet Black-Slate Gray-2.0
5 Colors, 2 Widths
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Outside profile details on the KURU Footwear KIVI 2 Women's Slip-on Shoe in Jet Black

KIVI 2.0


Chefs, Servers, Teachers

Jet Black
2 Widths
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ATOM Trail


Hiking, Camping, Trail Running

Blue Fog-Midnight Blue
3 Colors
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Casual Wear, Travel, Events

Cognac Brown
4 Colors
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Walking, Workouts, Everyday

Jet Black-Misty Blue-2.0
5 Colors, 2 Widths
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Walking, Workouts, Everyday

Jet Black-Light Lilac
4 Colors
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Choosing Shoes for Women

From shock-absorbing athletic shoes to cute ankle boots to everyday casual footwear, KURU offers some of the most comfortable shoes for women. Every pair features the patented power of heel-hugging KURUSOLE. Heel the Difference™ of technology designed to put your heels first.

Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or other foot pain conditions, our women's comfort shoes are carefully designed to provide the support and relief you need. Say goodbye to achy feet and hello to Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

Creating Footwear to Help You Heel Better™

At KURU, we believe your heels deserve better. Every step you take starts with your heels—and it can get painful, fast. In fact, 81% of Americans experience foot pain, with heel pain at the top of the list.*

That’s why at KURU, we believe health starts with heel. Our patented KURUSOLE technology dynamically flexes with each step to hug and protect your heels for pain relief you can count on. KURU shoes deliver pain relief, so you can Heel Confident, Heel Energized, Heel Better™.

*Based on 2024 study reported in KURU’s 2024 Foot Pain Trends Report.

Creating Footwear to Help You Heel Better
KURU Footwear Foot Pain Trends Report 2024

Why Trust Us?

With over 16 years in the footwear business, we’ve channeled our focus into innovation and a passionate mission to eliminate foot pain all over the world. Our patented KURUSOLE technology has helped thousands to relieve foot pain and live the life they love.

Backed by 34,000+ 5-star reviews, our customers demonstrate that KURU delivers pain relief. In fact, over 7 in 10 KURU customers report improved pain symptoms—and of those customers, 97% experience improvement in less than 4 weeks. Let’s hear it for Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

Just as we pioneered revolutionary heel-hugging footwear technology for pain relief, we also pioneer foot health research to stay on top of industry trends. View our 2024 Foot Pain Trends Report, for cutting-edge data on foot health and wellness.

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Truly they are life changing!

I have chronic, severe plantar fasciitis. These are by far the comfiest shoes I’ve ever bought!!"


So Comfortable.

These are possibly the most comfortable walking shoes I have ever had. Walked 3.5 miles yesterday - they felt wonderful & so did my feet."

Nana B.

These Shoes are a Godsend!

Trust the positive reviews. I have never worn a more comfortable shoe, especially in retail working overtime hours. Truly magical."


Comfort all day

Most comfortable shoes ever! Cute, too!"

Marsha P.

She loves her new KURUs

The shoes arrived as promised, the color is more of a charcoal grey and very, very nice. My wife's life was changed for the better when she discovered KURU shoes; no more heel pain and no more steroid shots due to heel spurs."

David G.

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Woman working out doing high kicks, wearing KURU Footwear's FLUX shoes for alleviating foot pain
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Man showing the detail on the bottom KURU Footwear's FLUX shoes for alleviating foot pain
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