Men's Shoes for Fitness

Hitting the gym doesn’t have to mean punishing your feet. The best fitness shoes for men protect you from the impact and stress of activities like the treadmill or crossfit or a pick-up game. Unleashing the joy of movement means supporting your ankles, heels and arches so you can forget about your feet and focus on finishing the workout. A shoe with breathable mesh construction helps keep your feet cool even as you break a sweat. From the patented KURUSOLE to cushion and support your heels with every step, to the ULTIMATE INSOLES that mold to the shape of your foot over time, each of these shoes is designed to keep up with you. Experience Pain Relief Beyond Belief in one of these styles.

Most comfortable shoe I have ever owned

Stumbled upon Kuru after searching for a shoe that would give me support and relief for foot pain. All I can say is WOW!!!! I had messed up my feet transitioning from a trainer shoe to a crossfit shoe. Big mistake as I have flat feet. Purchased other brand names to give me some relief but had no success until I found KURU. These shoes are amazing. Thanks for making such a quality product.

- Jimmy A.