Yoga For Your Feet

Feel the benefits of a relaxing stretch and meditation with these yoga poses.

What are your thoughts when you read the word Yoga? Do they wander through a series of poses that can calm your mind while increasing focus? Or do they go straight to images of a game of Twister gone terribly wrong? If you fall into the second category, fear not. At KURU, we have compiled some simple poses that even the timidest yogi can pick up easily.

Of course, a major benefit of stretching through yoga is the increased strength and tone of your muscles. With the focused tightening of certain muscle groups and holding the pose for increased periods of time, you will see a difference after a few short sessions.

Yoga is great for meditation as well and can be done at any time of the day. Many people will wake up and do a few minutes of yoga to work off the stiffness of sleep and focus their minds for the day. Others may find that a couple of poses before going to sleep relaxes them and releases the stresses of the day. These stretches can also help to relieve pain from sciatica and lower back problems. The benefits go beyond your muscles. With improved circulation through your body, you will see an improvement in digestion and issues from high acid levels.

These specific stretches are designed to help relieve pain in your feet and strengthen your muscles. Along with plantar fasciitis stretches, your feet will be feeling so enlightened, you’ll want to dance with joy.

Vajrasana Yoga Pose

A good beginner pose for yoga is the Vajrasana-known as the Diamond or Thunderbolt Pose. It is a kneeling pose that has several benefits, including the stretching of the top of your feet.

You can do a variation of this pose by sitting with your knees apart. Be aware that this position may aggravate your knees if you have a preexisting knee issue or have recently had knee surgery.

Downward Dog Pose

This pose is good for people who get stiffness or pain in their shoulders, back, or legs. This is a great pose for people to “take stock” of their bodies. It is a simple position that requires the use of many of your muscles, so if there is a trouble area, you will be able to notice it more easily.

Pyramid Pose

This pose will improve your sense of posture and balance while strengthening your legs. It can also stretch your spine, shoulders, wrists, hips, and hamstrings. In cases of physical therapy, this pose is sometimes used to help people with flat feet.

Dandasana Staff Pose

The dandasana staff pose is used to improve posture and alignment while improving muscle strength in the legs and feet. While providing a mild stretch to the hamstrings, you will work your ankles and core muscles for balance. This is a great “core” pose for people who are just starting out with yoga and want to increase stamina.

Once you have become comfortable with these poses, they can help create a good routine for meditation; Calming your mind and stretching while increasing blood flow through your body. A good routine is very important for a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

At KURU, we believe in keeping your mind and body strong through simple changes, which will open the door for happiness and success. One simple change you can make outside of the yoga studio is to protect your heel fat pad with orthopedic shoes from KURU Footwear. Through our incredible KURUSOLE™ technology, your feet will receive superior support, allowing you better comfort and improved foot strength from the yoga mat to the market. It’s just good Karma.

See this instructional video playlist of all of these yoga poses.