Travel Exercise for Your Summer Road Trip

Travel Exercise for Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is the season of the road trip. It is also the season for getting fit. You’re mistaken if you think it might be impossible to do both. Read on for travel exercise tips for your summer road trip.

Soda pop, potato chips, and sugary gas station treats seem to come with the road trip territory. While it is okay to splurge a little, you will need to do some travel exercises to keep things in check.

Travel Exercise 1: Exercise Your Core

Whether you are in the driver’s seat or the passenger seat, you can exercise your core by sitting up straight, shoulders square, and tensing your ab muscles. This travel exercise strengthens your muscles while you sit in the comfort of your car.

Tip: This travel exercise works for all your muscles. Not just your core. Try squeezing, holding and releasing your glutes, your biceps, and calves. Repeat 15 times.

Travel Exercise 2: Car-Hood Pushups

Everyone needs a break. When you stop for gas or a bathroom break, do some jogging in place, jumping jacks, and pushups. If you are hesitant to get down and dirty on the gas station asphalt, place your hands on the hood of your car, and move your feet back as far as possible. Do this travel exercise using the hood of your car.

Tip: Careful! In the summertime, the sun and the engine can make the hood of your car hot. Wear gloves, or place a pad under your hands first.

Travel Exercise 3: Elbow Touch

Bend your arms and point your elbows out in front of you. Try to touch your elbows across your chest. You will feel the stretch of this travel exercise in your upper back, between your shoulder blades. Lean forward in your seat and try touching your elbows behind your back. This will produce a stretch in your chest. The driver should not do this travel exercise.

Tip: You can modify this travel exercise to benefit other body parts. For example, try to “touch” your shoulders together in front and back. Sit on your feet and press your knees together. Your stationary muscles will appreciate the stretch.

Travel Exercise 4: Pressure Exercises

Press your open palms against each other as hard as possible. You will feel resistance. Using your own body to provide resistance helps strengthen muscles and increase blood flow. Increased blood flow can help avoid blood clots, which happen when blood pools in an area of the body due to long periods of inactivity. This is another reason travel exercises are so important.

Tip: Other Pressure Exercises: Pull your feet up and press the bottoms together, clasp your hands behind your head, press against your skull, and press your knees together.

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