Reflexology - Put Your Best Foot Forward With The Positive Influence of Healthy Feet

Whether you’re a firm believer in reflexology or you’re a bit skeptical, we all know the relaxing benefits of happy, healthy feet. It’s hard to deny the connection between your feet and your body. Afterall, your feet are your foundation. They keep you grounded and they take you where you need to go. Various types of reflexology are practiced all over the world! And the best part? Treating your feet right can improve your health and mood without the use of medication. It’s safe, natural, and effective!

The basic principle of reflexology states that there is a direct connection between the feet and the body. There are a few different theories about which areas or “zones” of the feet are connected to which corresponding parts of the body. More research needs to be done, but the little research we have is promising. The physiological effects may be harder to track, but you can’t deny the benefits of a good foot massage!

Stress Relief

The biggest benefit of reflexology is stress relief. All too often, we overwork ourselves and neglect to care for ourselves both physically and mentally. Studies show that most Americans suffer from moderate to high stress, and the symptoms affect our everyday lives. Stress can cause irritability/anger, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, depression, and so many other adverse effects on the body and mind. Stress also contributes up to 80% for the development of illnesses.

Using the methods of reflexology, or even giving yourself a simple foot massage, you can begin to alleviate stress. It releases endorphins, leading to happier well-being and pain relief. It also promotes a general sense of relaxation. Through EEG measurements of alpha and theta waves, researchers saw that blood pressure was decreased and anxiety was lowered. Some research suggests it even encourages the recovery process from injuries, especially in regions of the feet, and can reduce peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes.

Take Your Health One Step Further

Even if you’re skeptical about reflexology, taking care of yourself and your feet will always have a positive impact. There are so many little things you can do to care for your feet and destress, like meditating, getting a massage, or going on a walk. Why not take your health one step further and get yourself a pair of exceptional walking shoes? Your feet and your mind will thank you!