Black Friday - Rushing Through The Store

Find the right shoes to help you race to the finish of the most popular shopping day of the year!

Black Friday is almost upon us. Some people swear by it, and others absolutely hate it. If you are one of the people who wake up before the sun to tackle the now contact-sport that is Black Friday, we have some extra help for you this year.

As many veterans of the popular shopping day know, planning can make all the difference. Choices can make or break your day, right down to the shoes you wear.

Finding the right footwear may seem excessive before a shopping trip, but how else are you going to rush to the back of the store if your feet are not up to the challenge? Take a look at some of our tops picks for the Black Friday battle-to-come!


The KINETIC is our only Anti-Slip outsole with high-grade rubber. This shoe is functional for the professional, and for comfortable daily use, but it’s not your average ‘boring’ anti-slip shoe. The way it works is the thin shallow grooves in the outsole rubber disperses the liquid into the deeper wider grooves. This disperses the liquid and pushes it outward.

Customers that need a non-slip shoe for work should be able to wear our anti-slip shoe because the kinetic meets the same standards as a non-slip. It meets the required slip-resistant ASTM F2913-11 US Standards & Satra TM-144 so you can move quickly without fear of sliding on floors wet and slippery from rain and snow this time of year.


Our bestselling CHICANE was designed to bridge the gap between style and utility and can move easily between work and recreation. That is why they are a great choice for your Black Friday shopping trip.

With the CHICANE, you can race through the store in your most comfortable shoes and still look good when you try on a possible new outfit that is on sale. And as an added bonus, if the weather is anything less than dry, the gusseted tongue, secure laces, and leather uppers keep the elements at bay (and out of your shoes).


The QUANTUM is a very popular choice, and it is easy to see why. Between our patented KURUSOLE™ orthotic midsole, and the superior midsole, you have a shoe that can offer unbeatable comfort. And to make sure that our shoes work with the natural design of your foot, the heel cups flex to cushion and cradle your heel’s fat pad, giving support and shock absorption.

Now that your feet are nice and prepped, here is a list of a few more things to keep in mind when planning your shopping trip:

  • Plan ahead. The best strategy to get the most items on your shopping list is to make an actual list. Writing it down keeps you focused and makes it easier to stay within a budget. The other part of that is to label which items are at which stores, and when the “doorbusters” start and end. That way you prioritize based on timing or which items are more important to you. Many stores also offer a map of their stores and they label where the special sale items will be on display. Even if you know the general layout of a place, the store will often put Black Friday items far away from their usual department. This makes it easier for the employees and customers to keep track of which items are discounted, and which are not. And always bring the ad with you. It can help to fend off misunderstandings or false memory.

  • Use the “price match method” and avoid the runaround. Did you know that many of your favorite Black Friday stops will actually price match their items with other stores? Take the printed ad with you and if it is the exact same item, on sale at the same time then they will often price match on the spot and you do not have to make as many stops.

  • Apply the 40% rule to clothing. If a clothing sale is offering less than 40% markdowns, do not settle for it. The exception to this rule is when a brand that is almost never on sale gets a discount. For example, many “boutique” or high-end brands will only go down 30%, but that can mean a lot when they rarely go on sale at all during the rest of the year. In general, though, clothes have the highest markdowns during August, September, and January. So unless it is something you would buy on another day, do not waste your budget, or time, on a small discount.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost always the best time to buy electronics. Huge discounts and limited-time-offer bundles are the way to go when it comes to electronics. Game consoles, movies, tv-series, TVs, BluRay players and more can be marked down by huge margins. Even if the discount is not steep, sometimes the extras that you get with them will make it worth the trip. A camera bundle may be just below market price for the camera on a normal day, but you will get a case ($30), extra lenses($40-$100), extra batteries/cables ($20-50), and memory cards ($20) all as added bonuses when you buy the camera that day. So your savings are much higher than you may think.

  • Shop online at home for doorbusters. As much as 70% of Black Friday Doorbusters were available online at the store’s websites in past years. They are still time-sensitive, and you will still have a lot of other shoppers on the website with you so try to log-on early. Another idea is to reverse it, and take your time to shop online for the high stock items while only taking time for the doorbusters at the actual “brick and mortar” store.

  • There is an app for that. Really, there are apps that were created just for Black Friday shoppers. Go for an app that is only for Black Friday (not a general shopping app) because they will dedicate the most work to making sure that you have all the current information. Plus they have a “plan of attack” feature that gives you ideas on how to best tackle your shopping list, where to go, and when.

Have a game plan now? Great! Grab your KURUs and get out there!

No matter which activity you are wanting to do in your life, KURU has a shoe for you that will give you the support, comfort and style that your feet have been craving.