Avoiding This Common Knee Running Injury

Avoiding This Common Knee Running Injury

Are you a runner? Avoid this most-common knee injury with our simple tips.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome, more commonly known as runner’s knee, is the most common knee running injury among runners. It is estimated that nearly half of all runners will suffer this knee running injury at some point or another. This common knee running injury manifests itself with pain on, around, and sometimes even behind the kneecap, and it can make your knees click or crunch when you bend them.

“Knee running injuries can be avoided by taking the right steps.”

Runner’s knee and other common knee running injuries are usually caused by a lack of good foot support. When your feet are striking the ground, they may be slightly rolling inward or turning outward. This is called over-pronation, where the ankle rolls inward, or supination, where the ankle rolls outward. When this happens, your whole body’s weight is placed on your knees for support, so your knees take the brunt of the impact.

If you suffer from this or any knee running injury, it may be time to invest in shoes with arch support. Wearing shoes with arch and insole support helps stabilize your arches by keeping them firmly in place, which corrects your posture and natural walking gait, which protects your feet and knees.

Another way to avoid this knee running injury is to make sure that you stretch and warm up adequately. Runner’s knee and other knee running injuries are more likely to occur when muscles are not warmed up enough or are too stiff. If you spend time before you run thoroughly stretching out, you will be minimizing your risk for this common knee running injury.

“The best way to prevent this knee running injury is to evaluate your footwear!"

KURU wants to help you avoid any knee running injury, so our arch support shoes are designed to provide the support and protection you need in a running shoe.

Through our innovative KURUSOLE technology, our shoes give you ideal arch support because they are built around an anatomical last. Your arches are held in their natural shape thanks to our unique deep heel cup, which sits just lower in the shoe than the forefront, working to protect your heels and arches.

The deep heel cup also serves as a shock absorber by flexing inward and cushioning your heel, which helps lessen the repeated blow of your foot on the pavement. You can help avoid runner’s knee or any knee running injury by ensuring your shoes have the support you need.

With our KURUSOLE, you get all the arch support and heel stability you need to prevent any knee running injury so that you have less downtime! Do more, improve your health, and be happier with a new pair of KURU’s best arch support shoes today.