6 Running Hacks You Can't Live Without

6 Running Hacks You Can’t Live Without

Do you often feel discouraged by your current running habits? Help is on the way! Read on to learn some hacks that can turn your run from boring to exciting!

Running is an excellent cardio workout for the body. Not only does it burn a lot of calories, but it comes with many health benefits as well. But do you have times where you just do not have the motivation to keep your running habits going? If so, we have news for you! There are some excellent hacks you can use to make your run enjoyable, that you will find yourself asking why you had not been doing these things in the first place. Grab your running shoes and check out these awesome hacks!

Running Hacks

What kinds of things do you do to prepare yourself for a good run? Whether you are outdoors or using a treadmill at the gym, surprisingly there are things you could and should be doing to make your run much easier.

Running Hack #1: Alphabet Exercises

How often do you warm up before a good run? Even more, do you suffer from painful shin splints after a good run? If so, this hack is perfect for you! To perform this exercise, all you have to do is sit back, raise one leg out in front of you, and write the alphabet in the air with your feet. Not only does this hack strengthen your calf muscles, but it also helps prevent injury.

Running Hack #2: Run in the Morning

What time of day do you take time to run? Did you know that running in the morning is best? By doing so, this makes it much easier not to come up with excuses at the end of the day as to why you did not run for the day. Not only that, getting your run in before your day starts gets it out of the way so you no longer have to worry throughout the day.

“Finding ways to get yourself into a better running habit is what will help you with better results in the end.”

Running Hack #3: Adjust the Treadmill

If you use a treadmill, do you feel like your run is as effective as running outside? If not, there is a little secret to make your run more successful. Simply set your treadmill at a 1-degree incline. By doing so, this helps to make your run feel nearly the same as running outside.

Running Hack #4: Occupy Your Mind

How often do you get running and feel like it lasts a lifetime? Whether you are running outdoors or on a treadmill, finding things to occupy your mind makes your run seem much easier and faster since you are not focused primarily on your run. Cover up your clock if you need to, stick some headphones in, and find good music to distract you or even a good audiobook. You would be amazed at how much faster your run goes if your mind is focused on something else.

Running Hack #5: Get Outside

Running on a treadmill or around the track at a gym might seem ideal for cold weather, or as a way to stay out of traffic, but it may be doing you a disservice. Statistics show that those who run "on location" are less likely to run for the recommended 30 minutes, and run for shorter distances. The reason is when your body becomes fatigued and uncomfortable, instead of pushing through and sticking it out, the ability to quit and rest is too much of a temptation.

By taking a jog outside, where your steps take you away from your home, from the gym, and from the track, which are stationary places, you stand more of a chance of meeting your distance and time goals. Even if you get tired halfway through, you still have to turn around and cover the distance back. Even if you're walking instead of running, you're moving, and that's a step in the right direction. Not to mention, everyone could use a breath of fresh air.

“Take care of your feet and your feet will take care of you.”

Running Hack #6: Invest in Good Shoes

While running is a great cardio workout for your body, it also puts a lot of strain on your body. Because of this, it is always important to make sure you are investing in good shoes to protect your feet. With your feet being the primary support for the rest of your body, caring for your feet is crucial.

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To top it all off, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common injuries among runners. With an amazing pair of KURU’s on your feet, you are providing yourself with the best prevention possible against any aggravating injuries that often come on from all the stress and impact of running. With some easy hacks to keep your run going, along with the best shoes to do the job needed, take advantage of feeling amazing with each step you take, so you can happily enjoy the many benefits that come from living a healthier quality of life.