5 Good Cool Down Exercises For Better Health

5 Good Cool Down Exercises For Better Health

Good cool down exercises are an important part of a workout. This is because good cool down exercises lower your heart rate, help to circulate blood, and to get the body to a “normal” temperature. Here are five good cool down exercises to try next time you workout.

#1: Walk

It seems a bit anticlimactic, but walking is one of our favorite good cool down exercises to do. It takes almost no effort, and it gives you a chance to just take in your surroundings. Taking a leisurely walk after a workout allows you to enjoy the moment you are in. Next time you pull on your best walking shoes, remember that walking is not just a great way to get exercise, but a good way to cool down as well.

#2: Stretch

Arms. Legs. Core. Every part of your body should be stretched after a workout. These are good cool down exercises because it helps release tension in your muscles that has built up during your workout. Stretching is a necessary part of exercising, and doubles as good cool down exercise because stretching keeps you moving while your heart rate lowers.

#3: Swim

As if just jumping into a pool of cool water was not enough to cool you down and relax you, swimming strokes are good cool down exercises because it is a low impact exercise that, done correctly, can work your whole body and help encourage circulation without making you tired, hot or overworking you.

#4: Dance

If you are in the habit of listening to music while you workout, dancing is a good cool down exercise that can lift your mood and bring down your heart rate as well. Let your music get into your soul at the end of a workout and dance until you feel like you can take on anything.

#5: Chores

Do you have weeds to pull or a lawn to mow? Maybe you need to vacuum or load the dishwasher. These are good cool down exercises that not many people think about. Household chores are usually involved enough to keep your body moving and your blood circulating without raising your heart rate very high. This makes chores good cool down exercises to do right after your workout.

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