Tech Experts / December 26, 2013

How a Deep Heel Cup Can Change Your Life

We hear all the time about how comfortable this shoe is or that shoe is. We are told on a regular basis to put our feet and our trust into something that could make our lives better, but it could also make them worse. Let us tell you about the deep heel cup in every KURU shoe and how it could literally change your life for the better.

BY Brae Bennion

Many shoes claim to be the most comfortable shoes in the world. However, most shoes are flat inside without offering proper arch support or a heel cup for shock absorption and stability. Many shoes also only offer narrow toe boxes, which squish your toes, causing blisters, hammertoe, clawtoe and other foot deformations.

Podiatrist Recommended Heel Cup

When foot pain comes into question, the first thing a podiatrist will recommend is orthotic shoes. Orthotic shoes tend to be more effective at protecting your feet than regular shoes because they offer the type of arch support needed to prevent such injuries as fallen arches, plantar fasciitis and tendinitis. They also offer a deep heel cup.

A deep heel cup is designed to help keep the shape of the arch of the foot, and to absorb shock. This gives your foot protection from impact injuries such as metatarsalgia, stress fractures and runner’s knee.

Unfortunately, orthopedic footwear can be costly and often fall short in the “comfortable” catagory. Orthotic shoes can be stiff and unforgiving, and the heel cup does little to help. Trying to find affordable orthotic shoes can be discouraging to say the least.

The Heel Fat Pad

Nature has given your feet natural shock absorption and cushion to keep your feet healthy and free of injury. This is called the heel fat pad and is located just below your heel. Over time, as we walk on hard, uneven and unforgiving surfaces, that heel fat pad can flatten and thin out, leaving your heel unprotected against impact injuries. A flattened heel fat pad can make you more susceptible to pain.

KURU Takes The Heel Cup to a New Level

They say there is a silver lining to everything. At KURU, we agree. In fact, KURU has taken the heel cup to a whole new level.

Not only does ever KURU shoe provide orthotic, medical grade shoes for those who suffer from foot pain, KURU shoes are comfortable for those who just need a shoe they can count on. Through amazing KURUSOLE™ technology, KURU shoes are able to offer superior arch support and a deep heel cup to help keep the shape of the arch, lowering your risk for plantar fasciitis.

But we took the deep heel cup a step further. Not only does the cup help support your arches, it also flexes inward to cradle and hug your heel for the best shock absorption and protection available. By comfortably pinching your heel every time you take a step, KURU’s ergonomic shoes work with nature to keep your heel fat pad from flattening under your heel. This gives you better shock absorption and more comfort so you can do more and go longer. With KURU shoes you can stay fit and feel better for a new quality of life and even more happiness.