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What’s in a shoe? A shoe, specifically a sneaker, should feel comfy and cozy like a warm blanket on a crisp fall day. Whether you’re standing waiting for a train or just walking, sneakers should feel comfortable and, most importantly, provide the spring in your step that you deserve. This article helps you understand that proper footwear is essential for daily function, help you choose a sneaker, understand some medical conditions affecting the foot, and why you should consider KURU shoes as your choice of footwear for your feet.

Common Conditions That Cause Foot Pain Back Pain

From injuries to inflammation, several different foot problems can occur. Improper footwear, lifestyle, and aging are some of the primary contributors to foot problems. Three common conditions affecting the foot include plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and bunions. Plantar fasciitis is a common foot condition in which the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed or irritated. Some reasons for the development of plantar fasciitis include repetitive strain to the foot with excessive running. Excessive pronation of the foot will place stress on the plantar fascia. If someone has flat feet known as pes plannus, this will load the arch, placing stress on the plantar fascia. Improper footwear where the arch is not properly supported can cause excess heel pain. Some examples include poorly fitting shoes, wearing high heeled shoes, prolonged period on feet, overuse such as long walks or marathons, sprains, strains, or trauma. Bunions are a painful bony bump that develops on the inside of the foot at the big toe joint. Bunions tend to grow slowly as excessive pressure on the big toe joint causes the big toe to lean toward the second toe. Over time, the normal structure of the bone changes, resulting in the bunion to develop. This deformity will gradually increase, making it painful to wear shoes or even walk. Bunion pain can be relieved by wearing shoes with a wider toe box that provides adequate toe room and use other simple treatments to reduce pressure on the big toe.

Form Meets Function

The foot is made up of three parts, the forefoot (front), mid foot, and rearfoot (heel). Our feet and ankle joint first need to be flexible. Followed by possessing the strength, support, and muscular endurance of adjacent muscles. The function of our feet is to act as a rigid structure for weight-bearing, and it also functions as a flexible structure to conform to uneven terrain or different surfaces.

These essential structures support and enable the foot to move. If someone wears high heels all day there is unnecessary stress placed on the balls of the foot, along with compression of the lumbar spine, predisposing it to possible pain. Conversely, if someone were to wear flat shoes and stand all day for work, their feet would ache and they would also develop some low back discomfort. A sneaker should conform to a foot fitting it comfortably. When the foot is in proper alignment, the leg muscles enable the body to stand, walk, or run.

Anatomy of a Sneaker

Sneakers have lots of moving parts. In the back of the sneaker, the heel support should be just that, supportive, not excessively rigid. The heel wedge and outsole should flex but still remain dynamically supportive. The midsole provides support to the midfoot, while the upper portion near the toe should be reinforced, feeling comfortable.

Avoid choosing a rigid sole sneaker. The heel is supposed to absorb stress when walking, and if do you wear a rigid sole, this can cause unnecessary heel pain. Also, avoid choosing a sneaker that doesn’t possess proper heel and midfoot support. This can lead to foot and low back pain.

Choosing the Best Women’s Shoes for Back Pain

While sneakers are great, we recognize that most women stock their closet with shoes other than sneakers. So here are some suggestions for a women's shoe for a variety of occasions.

  • Walking shoe: If you're looking for the most comfortable shoe, look no further than Kuru's ROAM. With built-in arch support, KURUCLOUD EVA midsole, a full rubber outsole, and custom heel cushioning, it doesn't get any comfier when you're out walking around.
  • Dress shoe: Kuru's GRACE will leave you feeling comfortable and confident all day. Try trading in your workplace high heel shoes for these stylish orthopedic shoes that offer relief for those who suffer from heel spurs, a flat foot, and plantar fasciitis. This lightweight shoe is designed like most ballerina flats but provides you with the extra support you need to keep from developing knee pain and subsequent back pain.
  • Sandal: Most flip flops don't offer any stability or support. It is just a flat shoe which can cause a variety of foot issues. However, if you still want to add sandals to your wardrobe, check out Kuru's LETTI, which is not only stylish. This orthotic sandal features a strap around your achilles tendon which will help prevent sprains and other myriads of foot problems that will lead to back pain.

Why Choose KURU

Remember that phrase the knee bone is connected to the hip bone? If you are suffering from low back pain, start by changing your shoes to find pain relief! Kuru shoes will help alleviate back pain for a multitude of reasons. They have a patented KURUSOLE. Unlike other shoes, KURUSOLE dynamically flexes to hug your heels with every step. This is proven to contain your fat pad, keeping it exactly where it belongs which will help unload your spine. KURU shoes also provide your arch with the support it needs to handle the stress of prolonged standing or being on the go! Finally, the construction and colors provide you with endless options to choose from. So, if you have flat feet or low arches, you need a supportive shoe or sneaker with proper support. Take a look at the PIVOT shoe. This shoe possesses a nice blend of supportive composite, midfoot, and rearfoot support that will unload your arch. Make your feet feel happy! If you suffer from back pain, take a look at the PIVOT or the ATOM shoe. Both of these shoes possess the patented KURUSOLE technology and orthotic-inspired support that is built into the shoe, which dynamically hugs your heel to cushion every step.

Sneakers are meant to provide support. When you think of shoes or sneakers to address low back pain, common foot condition such as plantar fasciitis or heel pain, think and choose KURU shoes.

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