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Results: When Will Your Workout Start Paying Off?

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The day after you start a new workout, if you do it right, you sure will know it. The sore muscles and the fatigue is your body letting you know that you worked out and did a good job of it.

Unfortunately, after the first week, sometimes you start wondering if the effort of your workout is worth it or even making a difference.

There are several ways to keep track of what you are doing and help you know that what you are doing is helping your body and that you are achieving the end goal of better, faster, or stronger.

Key Takeaways

  • Setting a specific and measurable goal is important to stay motivated and track progress in a workout routine.
  • Achievable goals are necessary to avoid getting discouraged and injured while gradually pushing oneself to improve.
  • Variety, rest, and the right gear, such as KURU shoes, are key components of a successful and sustainable fitness journey.

Your Workout Goal

The first step is to determine your goal for working out. Twenty-five push-ups? Sure. Five Minute-mile? Just make sure you have the right running shoes on. Setting a goal gives us the motivation to move forward and know when we have achieved what we were looking to do. Remember, when setting this or any goal, you are an individual. Just because Usain Bolt can do the 200M sprint in 19 seconds does not mean you have to do it that fast. Or even in 30 seconds, or at all. The key is finding your exercises and setting a goal.

When setting any goal, remember to be S.M.A.R.T. That is, Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

SMART goals are something like, “I want to be able to bench press 100Lbs, in 5 sets of 10 in 90 days. This goal has a simple end goal that is specific (measurable) and realistic and has an end date.

Only you can determine what is right for your body, and if you feel the goal is too aggressive or too simple, you can always revise the goal and set a new end date. Give the old goal a few days before throwing in the towel or thinking it is too easy. Go ahead, make your goal now. We will wait. Done?

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Achieving Your Goal

Next, we want to schedule when to exercise to achieve it. Michael Phelps did not just wake up one morning and decide it was time to do the 400M medley in 4:05 and set the world record. He trained for it. A LOT of training went into that and any other world record that has been broken.

We need to be training as well, which goes back to achievable goals. If we set something too high, it will take us too long to get there, and we will get discouraged and stop short of achieving that goal.

This is really when we come to know that the workout is paying off. To know when we have achieved the goal, we have to be measuring our workouts. How long it took, how many of a certain exercise we could do, or something similar. This helps us know how far off we are to crossing the personal finish line we have set.

The real goal of working out is not a number on a scale but overall fitness.

That is the real payoff! When we can consistently hit a goal, it is time for a new one to help push our bodies just a little bit more. Maybe your next goal will be more of that certain exercise, thereby increasing the workout’s intensity. Maybe it will be to run longer, trying to help us add endurance. Each time we reset the goal, we need to keep in mind the end goal: a healthy body.

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Do Not Over Do It

Some cautions on these goals: The key is to gradually push yourself to achieve them. This is best for your cardiovascular fitness. If you push too hard, you will hurt yourself and be even further off from your goal than before.

Keep an eye on your heart rate for high-intensity workouts. You do not want to break your ticker with too much stress.

Doing something too often can fatigue your muscles or give you foot pain. You did not give your muscles enough time to heal in between, which makes it harder to hit your goal.

Keep the variety up. Your body can get bored just like you can, it is called a plateau, and you will find it hard to improve more until you change what you are doing. A day off is not a bad thing—you need it. Just keep it to only a day or two.

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Meet Your Goals With KURU

Every set of fitness goals needs an effective pair of fitness shoes. Our patented KURUSOLE technology brings you the best impact protection shoes yet. With heat-responsive foams that use your body heat to mold to your exact foot shape, you get a perfect custom fit and ergonomic arch support to keep you comfortable and pain-free from goal making to goal completing.

If you have questions about what is healthy for you, see your physician, who can give you the guidelines and recommendations on what you should be doing. The world is waiting for you to see it. Remember that goal you set earlier? Get on it.

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