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5 Ways Shoe and Foot Care Goes Hand-in-Hand

By: KURU Footwear
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Key Takeaways

  • Proper shoe and foot care is important for maintaining healthy feet.
  • Water can be damaging to shoes and feet, and keeping shoes and feet dry is essential.
  • Choosing shoes with proper support, including arch support and shock absorption, is important for foot health.
Protect Your Feet from the Ground Up

Protect Your Feet from the Ground Up

The way you care for your shoes can directly impact the way your feet feel. Find out how shoe and foot care fits together.

Keeping your shoes in good condition can go a long way in keeping your feet in good condition as well. Here are some shoe and foot care tips to keep you healthy and on the move from the ground up.

Stay Dry

Stay Dry

Water is the liquid of life. It rejuvenates the body, and we can not live without it. On that note, water is not good for your shoes, and it is not good for your feet to be wet or sweaty for extended periods of time.

Wet shoes encourage bacterial growth which can mean athlete’s foot or even toenail fungus.

Water can also damage shoes, particularly leather ones. Water can warp shoes so that they do not hold their original shape. This can make wearing them uncomfortable. Using a shoe spray can help make your shoes water resistant. This keeps water out so your shoes and feet stay dry.

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Support Yourself

Support Yourself

Your feet need support. Everyone has shape to their feet, and that means your shoes need shape too. Choose shoes with proper arch support and shoes which promote good shock absorption. A wide toebox is also desirable to give your toes wiggle room for better balance as you walk.

Pay attention to the state of your shoes. If they start to wear out, and the support stops being effective, it’s time to buy new shoes.

Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean

Keeping your feet clean can help keep your shoes clean. Clean feet do not grow bacteria, and clean shoes do not harbor bacteria. Also, clean shoes take longer to wear out. You can get better use of shoes that you keep clean than shoes you let stay dirty.

KURU Shoes: Better Shoe and Foot Care

KURU Shoes: Better Shoe and Foot Care

Better shoes mean better health for your feet. Through our patented KURUSOLE technology, KURU women’s and men’s shoes offer ideal arch support and a powerful heel cup that flexes with each step to hug your fat pad and cushion your step.

Over time, heat responsive foams use your body heat to mold to your exact foot shape for a perfectly custom fit. Choose KURU for better shoe and foot care. Do more and go longer with better health and more happiness.

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