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Out with the Old: New Shoes for the New Year

By: KURU Footwear
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This is one New Year’s resolution: take care of your feet. Taking care of your feet should include getting new shoes.

Key Takeaways

  • Taking care of your feet is important, and getting new shoes is an essential part of foot care. Worn-out shoes can cause injuries and pain, especially for runners, due to inadequate cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Shoes should be replaced every 3 to 4 months if you run daily or if you are training for a triathlon. Indicators of wear include worn tread, cracking in the sole, and separation of materials.
  • To make your shoes last longer, invest in quality shoes from the beginning, avoid using the washing machine to clean them, keep them dry by stuffing them with newspaper at night, and consider buying waterproof shoes.

We all have that pair of shoes we love. We have had them for years, hanging on to them like a security blanket. We tell ourselves they still are in good condition and match our wardrobe, but our friends and family know better.

As comfortable as those shoes are, they could hurt your feet! Running in worn-out shoes is often the cause of injuries for runners. The impact of stress on your legs and joints can be very damaging to your body, and with that in mind, it’s hard to tell how effective your exercises are after that hard workout.

That does not just go for runners either. Daily walking can cause muscle fatigue, shin splints, or joint pain, usually in your knees.

These pains and injuries usually come from inadequate cushioning, as it had worn and no longer provided all the protection and shock absorption it did when the shoes were new. The best shock-absorbing shoes are our amazing KURU shoes that use biomechanically shaped space-age foams for superior shock absorption. This incredible foam uses your body heat to mold to the shape of your feet, so you get ideal arch support, and comfort with every step.

Your shoes will last longer when you allow them to decompress and dry out between workouts.

If you are a runner, taking care of your feet is a priority for the feel-good part of your exercise routine so you can continue to run without causing irreparable damage to your body.

You will want to consider buying two pairs of shoes instead of one. That might sound like a sales pitch, but there is a reason: when you allow your shoes to decompress and completely dry out between workouts, they last longer.

Another option is to rotate new shoes into your runs about halfway through the life of the old pair. This gives you a reference point of physically how worn they are and will help you know when they need to be replaced.

How do you know when your shoes are halfway through your life? Well, it has a lot to do with distance.

If you are not running much or just walking, twice a year should be okay to keep your feet in tip-top condition.

If you have to get your daily run in or you do not feel like you accomplished anything, you are going to want to replace them every 3 or 4 months.

Training for a triathlon? Replacing them every three months is imperative.

Key indicators of how worn the shoes are usually start with the tread on the shoe. Worn tread, cracking in the sole, or separation of materials because the glue breaks down are all good indications that your shoe is on its way out. When you start seeing wear on the tread, you know that the inside has already started to break down.

Also, if you are losing weight, you may need a new pair of shoes because the shape of your foot is changing, and you will want the proper fit to get the most out of your exercise and avoid foot pain.

Lastly, you should have exercise shoes for exercise and other shoes for daily use. Wearing the same ones for all activities will make them wear out more quickly.

Tips for Caring for Your Shoes

Here are tips for caring properly for your shoes and making them last longer.

Step 1: Invest in quality from the get-go. A well-constructed shoe can last through much more wear and tear than a cheap one from the bargain rack.

Step 2: Skip using the washing machine to clean your shoes. They will wear them out faster or possibly ruin them altogether.

Step 3: Keep them dry. Think about this. Your feet could be putting out a pint of sweat each day. Wonder where it goes? Some will evaporate, but some of it is absorbed by the shoe’s materials. Consider stuffing them with newspaper at night to dry them out and help them keep their form.

Step 4: Sweat is not the only water that can ruin your shoes. Waterproof shoes last longer because they don’t become deformed or damaged in the short term, and the materials last longer in the long term.

The average person puts 100,000 or more miles on their feet throughout their lifetime. You will want that to be as comfortable as possible. When you are considering buying new shoes, the KURUSOLE™ technology will not only keep you walking in style but give you time to focus on others with advanced midsoles and heel cups that cushion every step.

Make this new year the best yet by taking care of the feet you have and treating those new shoes better than ever. If you love your feet, they will love you back.

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