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  • Pomegranate-Black

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Fit: True to Size

Width: Medium

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The DRAFT is the quickest way to slip your feet into the luxurious comfort of KURU. With fun knitted or mesh uppers, you get the perfect balance between warmth and breathability, plus the backless design makes it a breeze to slip on and off. Best of all, the DRAFT is more than a house slipper. The full-length rubber outsole combined with the proven support of KURUSOLE™ inside gives you more versatility and step-after-step comfort so you can get away to the coffee shop or have a drink with friends by the backyard fire pit.

Why you’ll love the DRAFT

  • Cozy Yet Breathable - Knitted or mesh uppers and moisture wicking liners give you the ultimate temperature regulation and comfort.
  • Tougher Than the Average Slipper - Premium suede or synthetic toe and heel for classic style and longer-lasting shoes.
  • Slippers with Grippers - High-grade, cupped rubber outsole offers excellent traction and long life, plus it's non-marking.
  • Designed and developed in the USA

Fit: True to Size

Width: Medium

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Product Q&A

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Questions about DRAFT - Women's House Shoe


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    • Q:

      Are all the size 8's gone?

    • A:

      Madelyn, we are not sold out of them, but that part of our shipment has not been delivered to our warehouse yet, so it is not available at this time. We do not have an expectant date when this will be available yet . I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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    • Q:

      Will more sizes of the Black/Ruby Draft shoe be available or is it being phased out? The reviews are great and I'm looking for a shoe to just wear around the house with my PF. Hopefully, they're just on order?

    • A:

      I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, but we received news that there has been a problem with our shipment of the DRAFT shoes, and we aren't really sure if or when we will receive more. We would appreciate if you can check back with us in a couple of weeks.

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    • Q:

      The draft is a slipper? I was looking for a clog to replace Birkenstocks. Can they not be worn out and about?

    • A:

      The DRAFT shoe style is definitely considered a slipper or "house shoe" but it can still be worn outside. It offers a high-grade, cupped rubber outsole that offers excellent traction and long life, plus it's non-marking.

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KURU Graphic

Brilliant Technology

The patent-pending KURUSOLE™ dynamically adapts, keeping your fat pad under your heel bone. You get natural comfort with unbelievable support and performance.


The Power of Three

The groundbreaking KURUSOLE™ sets the new standard for the world's most comfortable shoe. But we didn't stop there. We combine the powerful KURUSOLE™ with other technologies to deliver a powerful system that is healthier for your feet so you have more energy to feel good.

Happy comfort

KURU ULTIMATEINSOLES™ use space-age foams bio-mechanically shaped to give you superior shock absorption and amazing arch support.

They also use your natural body heat to mold to your feet for a truly custom fit.

Get custom molded comfort with improved mobility for true happiness.

Love your feet

The secret to the feel good effect of KURU is the superior HEELKRADL™ component. This groundbreaking technology naturally cups your heels so you can do more and go longer.

With the HEELKRADL™ under your foot, you will once again love being on your feet.

Let time fly by

Premium KURUKLOUD™ midsole foam uses advanced heel strike angles with a super-light, rockered sole for a silky smooth stride that keeps you refreshed, to focus on yourself and others.

With a ride this easy, time flies by.


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Press / Awards




" I've been wearing around the KURU DRAFT for a few weeks now. It is supportive, comfy and breathable, letting feet that tend to sweat get some fresh air."

Matador Goods


"The very fact that I vigorously shook my foot and the shoe didn’t slip off was more than enough to give KURU an A+ for its design. Coupled with the super comfort and support it provides, KURU makes some solid soles."

Ski Mag


"With anatomically correct midsole, is designed with that—and après ski comfort—in mind"