About Kuru


What drives genius? Our primitive ancestors had one very basic need—to protect their feet from the unforgiving ground—thus shoes were born. Shoes have not changed since the beginning of time. Shoes are flat yet your feet are not. KURU designed the next phase in shoe evolution, a shoe that is not only designed around the natural curves of your foot, but also dynamically adapts to each step—and genius was born.

The genius lies in our patent-pending KURUSOLE™ chassis technology. KURUSOLE™ is not only shaped to fit the curves of your foot, but also dynamically cups your heel for immediate comfort with every step. KURU delivers shoes as highly evolved and advanced as you and your lifestyle. Darwin would be proud.

As for our name, KURU reflects our dream for combining innovation with nature. Kuru, Finland is a town with water so amazingly clean and pure, you can drink directly from its streams. The KURU aesthetic draws inspiration from timeless Scandinavian design and echoes its best elements combined with the purity and honesty of nature.



The drawing board always starts with a foot. This is how our designs enable your feet to move naturally. Every KURU shoe promises the proven, adaptable support of our patent-pending KURUSOLE™ technology. This makes KURU the ultimate combination of natural, anatomical design and custom molding support for superior comfort.

We scour the world for the best materials to create seamless style and perfect comfort. We use premium leathers, performance enhancing fibers, and space-age midsole materials. Every detail has been carefully examined, resulting in the perfect blend of original design, technology, fit and performance.

When you buy KURU, you can expect an active shoe that customizes itself to your feet. KURU shoes literally adapt to you.



We are a small, independently owned and 'bootstrapped' company. We got our start from the grand prize winnings of a local University business plan competition.

When we launched in 2009, the World was reeling from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. It quickly became clear that the only way we would survive is by offering you an amazing experience with our brand and products.

Factory Direct

Because we sell factory direct, we offer you tremendous value. We design, develop and manage the manufacturing of our products. This model cuts out the middleman and allows us to offer better quality of workmanship, materials and performance for an amazing value. You will be hard pressed to find a shoe that performs as well as KURU at any comparable price.

Live KURU Guru Support

We try to make our site easy and intuitive to navigate, but sometimes you need to talk to a live person who can answer your questions. Simply give us a ring, toll-free at 877-211-5878 and a KURU GURU will answer your questions. We are here to help.

Worry-free Returns

We offer FREE Exchanges and an easy, worry-free returns policy. Once you receive your order, try on the product. If for any reason you decide it’s not going to work, you can return it in new condition for a full refund.

KURU Cares

We believe it’s important to leave a positive mark on this world. Our industry-leading Consumer Empowered Sustainability™ lets you make a difference by selecting where a portion of our profits go. We hand select each charity in our program to ensure they meet our Four Pillars of Sustainability and Social Responsibility™:

  • Educating our children towards a brighter future
  • Economic Development to lift people out of abject poverty
  • Solving Health and Disease issues to help people live longer, happier and better
  • Environmental Consciousness to minimize our impact so future generations have a cleaner, greener earth to enjoy

You have just discovered KURU, an independent brand conceived by the entrepreneurial spirit. We welcome you to the KURU Family.