Let's Make a Difference. Together.

Imagine if you had the ability to control how your favorite brands give back. With KURU CARES™, you choose how we give back.

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Let's Make it Sustainable.

We have hand-selected causes that focus on The Four Pillars of Sustainability and Social Responsibility™. By meeting these pillars, you can trust the chosen charities will make a lasting difference.

KURU promotes sustainability by aiding education


Educating our children towards a brighter future.

KURU promotes sustainability by aiding economic development

Economic Development

Lifting people out of abject poverty.

KURU promotes sustainability by aiding health


Solving health and disease to help people live longer, happier and better.

KURU promotes sustainability by aiding environmental impact

Environmental Impact

Addressing our environmental impact so all can have a beautiful earth to enjoy

We view sustainability as a lifestyle, a change of attitude.

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Sustainability is about improving the world around us; creating opportunities; and leaving a legacy for our children. All of us have the power to effect social and environmental change. Through KURU Cares™, you can take a small step to improve our world.

Join us as we make a difference. Simply register your purchase and select your charity of choice.


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Worth The Wait


I did the recommended break in (only wear a couple hours a day for a week)on these because I typically stand stationary most of the day. I was having so many issues with heel pain and tried multiple types of shoes for relief... I'm glad I waited it out because they are great...


Customer For Life


After wearing for just one day this is the best my feet have felt in over a year. I have plantar fasciitis and spent $300 for custom orthotics. They helped some, but nothing like my KURU kinetics. If I had known about KURU a year ago I would have saved a lot of money and a lot of foot pain. Thanks KURU you have a customer for life.


5 Pairs and Counting


These are my 5th pair of KURU'S I am on concrete floors all day and Kuru is the best shoe I have found for pain and soreness in my legs. I have not had a pair I did not like, I do suggest paying attention to the "fit" suggestions from others...Love my KURU'S!!!!