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About our Market/Industry

Virtually all shoe brands are distributed through brick-and-mortar retail channels. KURU is different. We leverage the power of the internet with a direct-to-consumer distribution model.

Shoe Industry Categories

The three major product categories in the shoe industry include:

  • Athletic Shoes

    Approximately 30% of footwear sales. This includes basketball, running, hiking and active footwear categories.

  • Casual Dress Shoes

    About 40% of the market. For men this category includes dress shoes, Oxfords, monk-straps, sandals and slip-ons; for women this category includes high heels, mules, slingbacks, sandals and ballet flats.

  • Niche Products

    Represent the remaining 30%. This category includes children's shoes, specialty shoes such as dance shoes, slippers and orthopedic shoes.

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