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Our Story

At KURU, we believe in the power of a child’s dream. In fact, we feel so strongly about empowering the next generation that one of the core pillars of our sustainability program focuses on improving education for our children.

Bret's sketches

Our passion in empowering the childhood dream comes from our Founder's own story. Bret Rasmussen's dream began in 5th grade. That is when he started sketching shoes and dreaming of the day he would one day launch his own shoe brand.


After getting laid off from a startup he joined out of College, Bret took the plunge to realize his childhood dream. With fire in his soul and sheer determination, Bret’s journey quickly evolved into KURU.

The financial foundation was laid when KURU beat more than 200 teams to win the Grand Prize in the Statewide Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. This $40,000 prize was enough to prototype our signature KURUSOLE™ orthotic technology.

Technology so unique, it is patented.


KURU launched in test market retail stores within weeks of Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy the end of 2008. For many retailers, these economic events became a death sentence. The first half of 2009 was even more challenging for retail, and KURU was no exception. We were staring bankruptcy in the face.

That’s when we pivoted.


In our pivot, we focused on:

1. Selling Direct

We knew a web-driven model would allow us to offer a superior, personalized shopping experience for each of our customers.

Our KURU GURU customer specialists are focused on providing personalized help and recommendations for our customers. This direct model also helps us give customers the broadest selection, best prices and fastest delivery.

2. Pioneers in Adaptive Comfort

Feet are the foundation to whole body health. In fact, many pains and complications, including knee, hip, back pain and more start with the feet. That is why a technology that can adapt to each users unique foot shape can be so critical in one's path to an improved quality of life.

Our KURUSOLE™ technology has made KURU a pioneer in adaptive comfort.

No other shoe company provides a shoe that dynamically changes shape to each wearer’s unique foot. The cutting-edge KURUSOLE™ delivers the unparalleled support and stability of a custom orthotic but with customization for each and every foot.

This direct, web-driven model combined with a world-class product gives customers incredible value at reasonable prices.


We live in an exciting time. Never before have we had a better understanding of the human body and the biomechanics of the human foot. Add to that access to space-age materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and the unprecedented KURUSOLE™ and we have the alchemy for magic.

We have witnessed amazing results with how KURUSOLE™ works with the body’s natural biomechanics to heal itself. KURU shoes help resolve chronic injuries and foot issues such as heel pain, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Renewed energy so people feel good, that is how KURU heals the world's feet.

Want to read even more about KURU? Visit our about us page.

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