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Your KURU shoes are your favorite, now protect them to keep them looking new for longer. KURU SHIELD™ is a proprietary, industrial strength formula made in USA that is optimized to protect your KURU shoes from stains and water. Offering the perfect protection for textiles and meshes while also enhancing the rich, luxurious feel of leathers. You can trust KURU SHIELD™ to be the best protectant available.

KURU SHIELD™ promises powerful protection and repellency from some of the nastiest elements, including:

  1. Water, oil and other stains
  2. Many household products
  3. Most food and beverages (wine, juice, etc)

For use on all types of shoes, including KURU shoes.



  1. Clean the surface of the shoes with a damp rag or stiff bristled brush to remove all dirt and debris.
  2. Vigorously shake KURU SHIELD™ and apply in a very well ventilated area.
  3. Hold KURU SHIELD™ can approximately 12 inches away from your shoes and apply an even coat.
  4. Allow to completely dry and wait at least 6 hours prior to use.
  5. Re-apply every 4 months, or as needed.
  6. Treats up to five pairs of shoes.
  7. Read all cautions and warnings on the label prior to use.

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Product Q&A

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Questions about KURU Shield - Shoe Protector Spray


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    • Q:

      I am getting some chicanes for wet trail hiking. will this waterproof them to some degree so that my feet don't get wet in the rain? I don't think you carry waterproof shoes

    • A:

      Our KURU shield will not 100% waterproof your shoes, but will help keep water out and help prevent damage from water. It should definitely help against rain as long as you're not wading in puddles continually.

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    • Q:

      Can/should Kuru Shield be applied to suede shoes, like my gray Aalto chukka boots? Or will it change the color and or texture of the suede?

    • A:

      The KURU Shield spray can be applied to any type of shoe or material (leather, mesh, etc.), it would not matter! :)

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