KURU Shoes: Better than Heel Spring Shoes


Better Support than Spring Heel Shoes

Spending hours each day on your feet running errands, going to work, and getting regular exercise all take a toll on your feet. It’s easy to forget that the feet support the weight of the entire body and are subject to strain and exhaustion like any other part of the body.

The heel and arch of the foot are the most susceptible to everyday stress, and this is due to the surfaces you walk on and the shoes you wear. The endless hard, flat surfaces that surround us, and shoes that don’t adequately support or cushion the foot are main causes of everyday foot pain.

Many shoes feature a spring heel to help cushion and absorb shock in each step, but this technology often doesn’t do anything to reduce foot pain or give you versatile support. Many spring heel shoes are designed only for one activity, not everyday movement.

"OMG, what an amazingly comfortable and supportive shoe!! I spent 8 days walking and hiking in them with no foot pain. I love, love, love these shoes and am looking at buying a second pair." Pam

KURU shoes give you the incredible benefit of sustained comfort and support through a shoe design that works with the natural shape of the foot to better cushion and support the whole foot.

Shop the Most Comfortable Better than Spring Heel Shoes

All KURU Shoes come with our revolutionary patent-pending KuruSole™ Technology.

Orthotic Technology

Unlike so many shoes with spring heels, KURU shoes use an orthotic midsole technology to better support and cushion your feet without the use of heel spring hardware. By working with the body’s natural cushioning in the fat pads on the forefoot and heel, the KuruSole™ orthotic molds to your feet for a perfect support that no heel spring shoe can deliver.

Personalized Fit

KURU shoes are shaped around your foot. This means that the shoe actually molds to the contours of your feet as you wear it. This extraordinary technology is designed to give you a level of comfort and support that spring heel shoes just don’t have. KURU is the most anatomically correct shoe for everyday needs.

More Versatile

Many comfortable heel spring shoes are designed for certain activities, but don’t contribute to everyday wellness. Sometimes you just need a shoe that you can wear anywhere with the knowledge that you have orthopedic cushioning and support beneath you. KURU shoes are designed with practical versatility so you can confidently wear them to the office, on the trail, and even on a trip across the globe in perfect comfort and style.

Start Living

Empowering you to get out and enjoy the activities that make your life better is central to KURU. Outdoor recreation, world travel, personal health, and sustainable living are all vital to our personal happiness. KURU shoes have the support and multi-functionality to keep you enjoying the activities that give your life meaning.

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