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There is a lot to love about men’s casual shoes. From a day at the office to an afternoon hike and then dinner with friends, the versatility of the perfect men’s casual shoes are endless. Versatility is one thing, but is it possible to also get amazing comfort?

Unfortunately, most men’s casual shoes only offer flat insoles, while the popular fashions give you narrow toe boxes. Flat insoles do not provide the support or comfort needed for healthy feet. What’s worse is narrow toe boxes can squish your toes which can limit circulation or cause blisters when walking all day.

Imagine a versatile men’s casual shoe that not only helped you look good, but also custom adapted to your unique foot shapes giving you custom comfort for all day wear. Imagine how much better you would feel with a shoe that literally molded around your foot so you felt good.

Pioneering Adaptive Comfort Casual Shoes

Now you can. KURU has pushed the boundaries of men’s casual shoes. The amazing KURUSOLE™ provides comfort and versatility you can wear all day. The secret is how the unique KURUSOLE™ technology literally shapes itself to your foot with each step. By flexing inward with each step, KURUSOLE™ gives you incredible arch support with a deep heel cup to help protect your heel fat pad and absorb shock.

But we did not stop there. Over time, our heat-sensitive foams adapt to the individual curves and contours of your unique foot for remarkable comfort in men’s casual shoes. Count on KURU to keep your feet healthy and happy.

Complete Comfort.

Proven Technology for Casual Shoe

KURUSOLE™ is combined with breathable, lightweight materials and a cool, versatile construction for casual shoes you will feel better in.

The innovative KURUSOLE™ gives you more cushioning through a natural, dynamic shape as you walk. What’s more, this ergonomic design adapts to your foot to keep your fat pad under your heel bone for a truly custom fit.


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What makes KURU the best men’s casual shoes?


From one project to another, men’s casual shoes from KURU are versatile enough to get the job done. Need to look nice? Done. Need traction and shock absorption? Done. KURU shoes are instantly familiar right out of the box. All they require are your feet.

Ergonomic Comfort

No one wants to have to wear men’s casual shoes that hurt their feet. With a medical grade orthotic built into every KURU shoe, you know you will have the proper support for every part of your foot. This gives you comfort and mobility to do more and go longer without pain for a better quality of life.

Align Your Body

By wearing men’s casual shoes that properly support your feet and prevent injury, you get a better walking gait. This further protects your ankles, your knees, your hips and your back for full body health, allowing you to maximize your energy and get more done. Experience a whole new level of happiness and health in your men’s casual shoes from KURU.

Consider the bar raised.


"The shoes provide sufficient arch & heel support that avoids development of plantar fascitis, since I'm flat-footed and I work on my feet for a living (massage therapist)."

Reginald N., VA


“Provided the arch support and cushioning of my heel that I needed to recover from plantar fasciitis release surgery.”

Joy K., IL


“Provides great arch support and will be a great shoe to wear while traveling or everyday shoe.”

Brandon M.,WV

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All KURU Shoes come with our revolutionary patent-pending KURUSOLE™ Technology.

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